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Holy Family CWL hosts annual meeting

The annual meeting of the Holy Family CWL took place on Wednesday, Feb. 7.

Deacon Howard began the meeting with the Prayer Service. President, Francine Robichauld, lit the Christ Candle.

Deacon Howard read from the Gospel of Matthew. Francine and Pauline Pettigrew participated in the Psalm reading.

For the Prayer Service, the Book of Life was displayed and Memorial Votive Candles were in place.

Mary Lynne Chapman read tributes on our deceased members in 2017. Memorial candles were lit by Jolene Legere for Theresa McGee, by Marian Chisholm for Sheila Marshall and by Vi Corbett for Clara Harnett.

Secretary Dianne Gillis, read the minutes from the annual meeting of February 2017 and treasurer Maria Kirkpatrick, distributed and presented the annual treasurer’s report for 2017.

Madame President thanked Maria for keeping our books intact. Maria has been treasurer for many years and her experience is invaluable.

Dianne Gillis distributed the annual convenors’ reports to all present. Members were asked to please take the time to read all the convenors’ reports.

President’s Report

President Francine complimented the executive on keeping up with activities under their convenorships and executive positions. She thanked Deacon Howard Gotell for his role as spiritual advisor and for his support and encouragement. She thanked the calling committee for being prompt and dedicated to getting messages out to our membership.

Francine praised our membership for their input over the year and how valued and appreciated they are. Francine reported that she is looking forward to another year as President and asked our Lady of Good Counsel to continue to guide and support us as we continue to work for
God and our country.

Spiritual Advisor’s Report

Deacon Howard Gotell told us that sometimes we get caught up in our own council without realizing that we are part of a much larger organization. He reminded us that we have a much larger voice across the nation when connected with our National Coucil.

A recent example of this is our Pornography Hurts Campaign. He mentioned us hosting diocesan workshops and meetings, keeping us connected to both Diocesan and Provincial Councils.

Within our own council, we encourage and support other councils in Cumberland County. Our work and efforts do not go unnoticed and are appreciated here at Holy Family and in the community, especially noticeable in funeral receptions at a time when families so need our support. He also thanked the executive for their hand in steering the ship. He thanked us for all we do for God and for our country.

President Francine thanked Deacon Howard for coming on board and expressed how grateful we are to have him as our spiritual advisor.

Motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Juanita Boyle.

Deacon Howard closed with a prayer.

Members then enjoyed a delicious Valentine Dessert Buffet prepared by the executive.

- Submitted by Pat Weatherbee

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