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Blooming Amherst!!!

Viewpoint with Rev. Don Miller

Was it just me, or did you think that the town flowers looked absolutely amazing this year?

Both the hanging baskets as well as the potted arrangements and gardens really looked spectacular.

I heard a rumour that this year they hired an expert to help them with the plants - a horticulturist named Chelsea Baird. What a huge difference that expert made in making Amherst look beautiful - and just in time for our 150 Celebrations!

  1. and his merry band of summer students were diligent at watering the plants. Sometimes you could even catch them working late into the evenings.

Now, I’m sure there were times when they doubted the experts instructions. Times when it felt like too much or too little water. When the timing seemed awkward or the progress seemed slow. There were no doubt days when they felt unmotivated to do the job, or discouraged by the results. But they persevered, and their perseverance really paid off.

  1. doesn’t take a rocket science to see where I’m going with this Viewpoint. Our Expert - The Creator - is pretty clear with our instructions. God gives us commandments and golden rules to help in our growth. But there are times when we doubt God’s expertise. We are easily discouraged with our growth, and sometimes even question if the advice of our expert is any longer relevant or practical in this day and age. So we can be slack in our duties, and our soil can get pretty dry.

As I walked down the street and looked around at the beautiful flowers, I realised that it didn’t just happen. It was a team effort that took lots of work and discipline. And as I see faithful followers of Christ who beam with His love I also realise that their faith didn’t just happen, but grew little by little every day. Often times it can be a team effort. When it comes to having a strong faith it usually involves lots of practice on the journey.

So three cheers to Chelsea Baird and the town crew for their excellent work.

  1. you for making Summer 2017 one of the prettiest ever.

You also reminded us that when it comes to Faith - we need to be diligent, and determined and ready to bloom wherever we happen to be planted.


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