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Anne Murray donates personal collection to University of Toronto

['Springhill native Anne Murray is again opposing a wind farm proposed for the Pugwash area.']
Springhill native Anne Murray has donated some of her personal memorabilia to the University of Toronto.

The university experience in Toronto just became a lot richer and familiar to anyone around the world who loves a particular Springhill singing sensation. Anne Murray has donated four decades worth of personal memorabilia to the University of Toronto.

The donation comes after Anne moves from her longtime Toronto home into a condominium. The move meant downsizing and saying farewell to some of her own personal memorabilia, including albums, photographs, videos, letters and correspondences and much more, all of which were in a makeshift storage room in her home.

Perhaps the most interesting is Annes own personal scrapbooks, chronicling her career as she saw it and hand-selecting highlights she wished to keep close. 

The universitys Media Commons department will administer the collection. 

This marks the second significant collection of Anne Murray memorabilia the world can enjoy. In her hometown of Springhill the Anne Murray Centre has shared memorabilia from Annes career and life growing up in the former mining community. Opened in 1989, the centre boasts memories and treasures from the days when Anne was a little girl to the early stages of her musical career before becoming the international singing sensation the world knows today and the awards, accolades, and experiences that followed. 

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