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Amherst Daily News goes online


AMHERST - All of the content found in the daily print edition of The Amherst Daily News can now be accessed at the click of a mouse.
Now available at our website,, Smart Edition is a new digital service for readers.
Smart Edition is an exact digital reproduction of the newspaper. It carries the same local news, sports and entertainment found in daily print editions. It also reproduces community and classified listings as they would appear on the page.
"For us, it's another product to compete with what's available online," said Publisher Richard Russell.
For readers, he says, Smart Edition carries a number of advantages.
"The main advantage is its convenience. It makes the paper available to people who, up until now, couldn't get delivery."
It's a little different than the services offered at
While the website carries a selection of articles from The News, it doesn't carry all of them. also offers a range of interactive features, which couldn't be reproduced in print.
Smart Edition, on the other hand offers the complete package in an interactive format, which Russell says is easy to operate.
A subscription service, Russell said Smart Edition will be offered free to all prepaid subscribers. And for visitors to our website, Smart edition is now available for a free seven-day trial.
To activate a trial subscription, log on to and look at the very top of the left column for "Today's Smart Edition."

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