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A visit to the doctor after a nasty fall

["Kathy Golemiec - Kathy's Diary"]
It's Kathy with Kathy Golemiec

It's Kathy with Kathy Golemiec

I did a bit better this week than last week. I fell out of bed face first, banged my head off the rail on the nightstand. The VON thought I should I go to the hospital.

After seeing the doctor, when I got hot home the doctor’s assistant called me and asked if I wanted to stay in the hospital for a few days. I told her no, Iwould stay home and rest and drink lots of water.

They were ok with that. I have low blood pressure. I always have low blood pressure, but it was really low this time. It’s getting better.

My weight is going down after being on steroids .

Dad and Janet came over for Easter Week. Janet cooked the turkey and all the meal and dessert.

It looks so nice with the snow almost gone. Keep your fingers crossed we don't get anymore.

I went for blood work and saw the doctor. I'm doing pretty good and I have to go to get chemo tomorrow.

I have to bring all my drugs so they can go over all my drugs .

Remember how I hated getting my blood taken? Now I don't hate getting blood tests.

I am drinking water with flavoring now. I am going to start exercise with my friends. Dad bought me one of those chairs with wheels and a sit so when I get tired.

Thank you for all the letters and cards.

Have a good week, let’s hope the lady bugs stay away.

Kathy Golemiec is undergoing cancer treatments and writes about her experiences each week.

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