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A unified attempt to fight discrimination

Gerard Veldhoven
Gerard Veldhoven - FILE

Refocus with Gerard Veldhoven

In order to fight discrimination and to be more effective, we must band together all those who are affected by this on-going and horrendous situation. It is more effective to be part of a global attempt to eradicate discrimination.

As individuals, we do have the power to raise awareness and fight for equality. A unified attempt to fight discrimination expands that power. The Indigenous people, the LGBTQ community, the Black community, and all other victims of discrimination must unify to make a more positive and effective result.

I have experienced the discrimination first hand through my 77 years of life. I know the hurt and I am fully aware of the results that include profiling by police, the horrific attacks and the suicidal tendencies that are part of the discriminatory actions that befall minorities.

We are able to become a more effective group and be heard in unison, be loud and clear in our determination to erase the hate, to hold positive sessions that will raise more awareness.

I cannot help but refer to the students who rose up and demanded to be heard after their school mates and teachers were brutally murdered in the United States. The sheer numbers who banded together to make their statements were heard, and hopefully will have an impact that will change Washington.

Similarly, we have the capacity and we must gather the will to unify, organize marches and have the media involved in our attempts for equal treatment. Many have made honest attempts through the years to make a difference and were successful to some extent, but we must also remember that the road is long, windy and troublesome.

I have been involved in fighting for LGBTQ rights for the past 43 years and I have realized improvements. We must not only be concerned about our own nation, but step outside the box by including those in other countries who are subjected daily to horrible beatings, killings and other brutalities because of sexual orientation, gender identity, or the colour of one’s skin, and the list continues. Also consider other aspects that are a result of discrimination.

The suicide rates are extremely high, especially within the Indigenous communities everywhere, and LGBTQ teens are prone to this horrendous reaction because of negative parental or peer pressure. We cannot, and should not place ourselves in a particular bubble. It is imperative that all who are in the midst of those who experience discrimination are of one mind. Speaking with one voice will be more effective and have more positive results.

We, as a people and we as a responsible part of society, really have the obligation to stand together and fulfill a wish to stop the angst and all the hurt that discrimination brings to each of us. We are members of the human race, bar none and as such we must take action without delay.

I believe that Maritimers are very capable of organizing such a venture. There are many who are affected by discrimination here, and there is no reason to believe we cannot organize with one voice. This takes leadership and I strongly urge organizational skills be sharpened and put into place. We have countless able and hopefully willing participants who have the stamina to come forward and lead such a movement.

Discrimination must be eradicated and forever disappear from our society. Please consider such action, and I assure everyone that I personally will join up and do what I am able. This is a call to action. I can be reached as follows:

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