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A new year brings new hope

Viewpoint with Rev. Byron Corkum

The beginning of a new year is always a bit of a challenge. Do you make unrealistic resolutions that will never be met or kept, or do you accept the reality that it is simply another year waiting to be lived? We will have successes and failures. There will be times of happiness and times of stress. Hopefully, there will be more happy times than sad and more successes than failures. Many years ago, I learned that each new year and each day needs to be lived in the moment. To often, we put off for a tomorrow that never comes. Each day needs to be lived to the fullest because it comes only once. The past is the past and seldom can we go back and relive it.

A new year has the wonderful ability to offer us an opportunity to be hopeful. Without hope, life becomes very stressful. Hope keeps dreams alive and hope allows us to keep going when the going seems overwhelming. There are many people for whom the new year offers some pretty tremendous challenges. They may be health issues, family issues, finance or work related issues. No matter what they are they will colour how we approach each day. To keep a positive, hopeful attitude isn’t always easy, but knowing that with faith, we believe there is greater power at work in the universe and that greater power, we call God, walks with us. We sometimes get discouraged because we feel that maybe God has abandoned us in our times of distress, but if we watch and listen, we discover that he speaks to us and touches our lives through the people around us. It may be through the deep family love that sustains us, or through the friendships that give us a boost when we need it the most. God is at work daily through the kindness and love of others.  To accept that, is to find a spiritual comfort that will help us deal with the life issues. They may not disappear, but they may not seem so overwhelming.

One of the joys of being a part of a church family is knowing that there are people out there who care about us and who not just are thinking about us, but praying for us as well. In turn, we can be there for them as well, no matter how difficult our situation may seem. Each of us has the power to reach out to someone else and touch there lives. So, may 2018 be a year filled with hope, love and friendship knowing we are never alone in this life journey.

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