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World Day of Prayer service in Wallace celebrates women of Suriname

['Malagash and Area News with Marian Durling']
['Malagash and Area News with Marian Durling']

Malagash News with Marian Durling

Greetings from Malagash. It has been a very nice week here in this part of our province. 

Of course, March came in like a lamb - is it going to go out like a Lion? I sure hope not! It has been wonderful to be able to hang out a wash and have it actually dry and not freeze. 

It's been a busy week with several events. Friday was World Day of Prayer with a service in St. Andrew's Anglican Church in Wallace for the churches in our area. 

The theme this year was "All God's Creation is Very Good" written by the ladies of Suriname. We always learn quite a bit of geography at these services.

Suriname, a republic which I had never heard about before this event, lies in the northeastern part of South America.

There are 540,000 inhabitants of many ethnic backgrounds and over 90 per cent of the country is covered by tropical rainforest and is the breeding ground for birds and sea turtles. 

About 15 per cent of the land surface is ecologically protected territory. 

The service was led by Marianne MacMillan, with all churches taking part.  

Kathleen McNutt was the organist and felt at home playing the pump organ. 

Several of the participants were dressed in very colourful clothes in tribute to our host country. Next year the service will be held on the first Friday in March at St. Matthews Presbyterian Church in Wallace.

Wednesday morning four members of RCL Branch Number 97 presented the students of Wallace Elementary School with annual poster and literary winning certificates. 

The following students received Certificates:  Grade Primary Colour Poster: 1st went to Rylen Parris; 2nd to Lucas Pitts; Grade 1 Colour went to Evan McLearn, 1st and Ben Govin, 2nd; Grade 2: Xander Lawless; Grade 3- lst went to Kai Crouse; 2nd Ashlea Pollard; Grade 4 - Colour 1st went to Josie Rasmussen with Caiden Parris, receiving 2nd; Black and White Poster went to Jessie-Lynn Dunphy (1st) and Serena Thompson (2nd); Grade 5 - Colour 1st place went to Noah Collins, 2nd to Matthew MacFarlane; Black and White to Emily Long (1st) and Wesson Pollard (2nd) and finally Grade 6 - Colour lst place to Chad Ouderkirk with Tyler Sullivan taking 2nd;  Black and White went to Hunter Douglas - 1st and Madison Allen 2nd place.  

It is always a pleasure for the legion members to judge and present these certificates. Over the past 15 years, the enrollment of this terrific school has gone from over 100 students to just under 50. I hope the decline stops soon!

The regular card party was held in the community hall on Tuesday with six tables in play.  Ladies High went to Jeanette Murray; Men's High to Curtiss Langille; Lucky to Curtiss; Travelling Prize to Donna Langille; 50/50 was won by Cyril Purdy.  The next card party will be held on Tuesday, March 13.

On Saturday evening Three Harbours Pastoral Charge held its second games night – first was in Fox Harbour and this one was in the basement of Malagash Church. 

It was certainly a fun night with various games being played.  A quiet game of Crokinole was played and if you believe that, I have a bridge to sell!  

Did you know that crokinole was developed in rural Canada in the mid 1860s and is still very popular.  I love the game but still hit a lot of pegs instead of the opponent's disc! 

There’s lots of laughter when the opponent sank the wrong disc into the 20 hole! 

Oh well, who said games had to be quiet. 

Peter Berkelaar brought a very unusual game-called Sjoelbak or Dutch shuffleboard- 30 Wooden disks are aimed down a six-foot table in an attempt to get them through four arches numbered 1 to 4 at the other end. It was probably developed in Holland in the late 19th century. 

Two very old games that are still very popular today. 

St. John's in Wallace will be hosting the third games night on April 7 at 7 p.m. 

There will be another terrific luncheon at the Malagash Community Hall on Friday, March 16 from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. 

Our legion is planning a St. Patrick's Day Levy on Friday, March 16.  The legion opens at 6 p.m. with "Jig the Joker" at 8 p.m. Come join us and have some fun and maybe some good luck!

Just a thought for the week: People are funny – “Everyone wants to live a long life, but no one wants to grow old." 

Have a great week everyone and be safe. 

Marian Durling is the Malagash and area columnist for the Citizen-Record.

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