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Where did the community signs go?

Oxford News with Eleanor Crowley

I have very little to report on from this past week. Scott at the Independent Grocer finally got his windows in. I am sure he is pleased as are his patrons.

I see the Piano is still out and winter is on the way although you could not tell that from this Monday morning.

I see the police station has some work being done on walkways. I have never had much need to use their yard so was not aware it was bad but glad it is getting fixed.

The town by election is coming up with George Longard, Dave Clark, Krystal Rushton and Arnold MacDonald. I don’t care who you vote for but get out and vote. This is as local as it gets.

We can not have much noticeable say in what goes on in Ottawa, but this is our local community people, get out there and support it. People died so we could maintain this right.

The trail heading north from the tunnel is now connected to Black River Road. It comes out just a little before where the Hatts lived on the other side of the trail. Its a nice walk.

And if you are out and about at this season do not forget to wear hunter orange.

I have a pet peeve that is shared with others in Cumberalnd Countu. And I am just starting as I will get some kind of satisfaction if at all possible.

We were out driving recently, heading for the Coulter Road. I noticed there were no road signs for communities. What is up with that? There will be a large sign at an intersection (sometimes) telling you what direction to go but that's it.

You will never know when you arrive unless you stop and ask. When did the signs all get taken down and why?

I have been growling for awhile about the signs that have been moved but now they have been wiped out all together. Mill Road is gone and has been for some time and now Victoria has ceased to exist. The Coulter Road has no sign and at least one of the Hartford signs are gone.

The west entrance to Middleboro I don't remember seeing. Streets Ridge and South Victoria have also bitten the dust. The only one I saw was Birchwood. Does anyone know the reason for the elimination of these signs/communities?

I had no response to my question on South Oxford Schools. I will ask again, is the home that Stan lives in the only school that South Oxford had? I doubt it myself but anyone have an idea where an earlier one might have been. At this point I would be happy with a rumour.


Eleanor Crowley is the Oxford area correspondent for the Citizen-Record.

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