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Wentworth United Baptist holds annual business meeting

['Williamsdale News with Margaret Reid']
['Williamsdale News with Margaret Reid']

Good morning to all our readers, and I hope you are enjoying all the snow that we are getting this winter.

I guess some folks like snow as the ski slopes in Wentworth are really busy anytime we pass by, but I’m at the age where I like the summer days much better.

I guess some folks like snow as the ski slopes in Wentworth are really busy anytime we pass by, but I’m at the age where I like the summer days much better.

Quite a number of folks gathered on Saturday, Feb. 3 at the Wentworth United Baptist for the annual business meeting of the Westchester-Wentworth-New Annan-Millvale United Baptist Churches showing that we have had quite a  successful year.

The chairman appointed for the meeting was Eddie Locke from the New Annan Baptist Church. A report was given by our pastor Rev James Smith.

A report was also given by the field secretary-treasurer Faye Langille and plans were made and a  discussion followed about prospective plans for the coming year.

Gordon Stevens was a recent visitor with his sister Edith, and her husband, Wilson Hunsley of Little River. Gordon was also visiting with Irven Mitchell of Oxford a couple of times this week.

Supper guests on Saturday with Mervyn and Mary Esther Smith were their daughter Jeanne Knol and her children Quinn, Makenna, Holly and Griffen of Oxford. 

The United Baptist Ladies Auxiliary, met on February 8th, at the home of Mrs. Elizabeth Stewart and John Stewart in Oxford. We were very pleased to have some ladies from other churches visiting with us. Visitors were Wanda Lloy, June Betts, Virginia Stonehouse, Vionetta Chouinard and Beth Crouse and Wendell Reid. After we adjourned our regular meeting we went into the dining room where a Bring and Buy Sale was held, with the proceeds for the Ladies Auxiliary.

There were quite a number of items for sale, and it was very successful. Afterward, the table was set, Wendell Reid asked the Blessing and a delicious lunch was served.

Visitors on Saturday with Mervyn and Mary Ether Smith were Greg and Margo Patriquin and their children, Logan and Lexie Patriquin of Collingwood.

Margaret Reid had a nice visit via telephone, on Sunday evening with her sister-in-law Shirley Dobson who lives in Ottawa.

Shirley was the wife of my brother, the late Roland Dobson, but because of poor vision, Shirley now resides in a Senior’s Retirement Home.

Gordon Stevens was visiting one day with Charles and Lois Ripley. John Reid of Oxford was also a visitor this week with Charles and Lois Ripley.

After church on Sunday in Millvale Pastor Jim Smith shared a nice treat of little  foil covered hearts, in honour of Valentine’s Day. I hope you all had a nice Valentine’s Day with your “significant other”

I would like to share with you, something very nice that two of our neighbours did for us. We have quite a long lane so when Mary Esther Smith stopped to put a letter in the box for us she noticed out lane was a bit icy so she took our mail out of the box and brought it up to our door.

Our lady who delivers  the mail also brought a parcel to our door one day recently which was to large for the box. We truly appreciate their kindnesses.

Well, that’s all the news for now, but I hope you had a nice Valentine Day with your significant other.


Margaret Reid writes a column for the Williamsdale-Collingwood area. She can be reached at 902-686-3259.


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