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Warm weather finally arrives in the Malagash area

['Malagash and Area News with Marian Durling']
['Malagash and Area News with Marian Durling']

Malagash News with Marian Durling

Good morning everyone.

Well it has been a most wonderful weekend lately. Friday the fifth was one of the hottest days in a few years. We were en route to Fredericton to attend our nephew's wedding and were thankful for air conditioning in the car.

Our daughter, Miriam, was not quite so lucky. She and her partner Arthur were travelling by motorcycle and the faster they went, the hotter the air got. When they finally arrived at their destination she literally fell in the door, red faced, and so glad to be off the bike.

On one of their stops she and another biker chick took refuge in a cooler and sat on cases of beer to cool off! Now that is quick thinking.

The wedding was at 5 p.m. and the bridal party departed the church to head to the reception in a very long limousine whose air conditioning wasn't working properly. Eight very hot passengers emerged from the expensive car thoroughly uncomfortable – the guys in suits with vests, etc. The jackets came off quite quickly. It was a hot time at the golf club. Lots of ice water (?) was quickly consumed.

It was a beautiful wedding and reception anyways.

Over the past six months or so, a committee from Three Harbours Pastoral Charge has been meeting with a committee from River John/West Branch Charge in the hopes of joining into a shared ministry with Rev. Connie.

Well Sunday, July 7 it all came together and Rev. Connie filled the pulpit at Salem, River John and West Branch United Church for the first time.

Russ, as a member of the THPC committee and myself attended the service at Salem, River John in support of Rev. Connie, and this new agreement.

It was a fantastic service which featured the Johnson family reunion. We were so excited to see Mary (Johnson) and Gerrie Baycroft, former Malagash residents there also. Mary had been aware of the proposed change but thought it would be most unlikely that it would happen today so she was thrilled when she arrived to see their former minister taking the service. We had a Malagash Church reunion. Congrats to Three Harbours Pastoral Charge and River John and West Branch for entering into this new adventure. We are so excited to be part of this new experience.

Blue Sea Beach right here in Malagash has been very busy during the recent hot days. We are so fortunate to have this beach in our community. The water has become quite warm, the jellyfish have apparently swam on their way east and once again we are thoroughly enjoying the water and the delightful waves at high tide.

We are so fortunate to live on such a beautiful area of our province. However we are still waking up with the sound of a bear alert horn being sounded. Sure hope the warmer weather chases them back into the wood soon. Tired of looking all around before I head out my back door.

St. John's Church, Wallace, held a ham and salad supper in the J. Millard Charman Hall on Saturday, July 13 from 4 to 6.

Strawberry's for dessert. Now who would want anything better than that! There is nothing quite like fresh Nova Scotia Strawberries. Hope to be picking them next week.

The Malagash Salt Mine Museum has opened once again for another season. Great place to visit and take your tourist friends and family. It’s open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday to Sunday.

Have a great week everyone and once again stay safe. Just a thought--a backyard swimming pool is a body of water completely surrounded by other people's kids! That's why we are so proud of our beaches on the Northumberland Strait.

Marian Durling writes for the Malagash area for the Amherst News.

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