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Walking club members attend kidney foundation fundraiser

Oxford News with Eleanor Crowley

Well I made a decision a while ago after my fall that I was only going to do one thing each day. I wish you could see my calendar.

No matter how hard I try it never works, but thank goodness most are just little things.

Physio about twice a week has been added to my list. I had no idea it would take up so much of my time.

Our daughter, Heather, and her two girls went home on Tuesday morning and I headed to Springhill to a meeting.

Thursday evening I gathered up some of the walking club and we went to the Kidney Foundation fundraiser in Springhill at the United Wesleyan Church. It was a wonderful evening and my first encounter with Bill Scopie. When he hit the first few notes for Music Box Dancer I looked around for Frank Mills. Wow!

The Taylors from Main Street have moved as I noticed their house for sale. I assumed they went back to the Fundy shore but I guess not. They are in South Oxford at Ronnie Mattinson’s place.

And the other movers to Little River are Hugh and Gloria Fraser but they are not moving until spring.

That’s all for now.


Eleanor Crowley is the Oxford area correspondent for the Citizen-Record.


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