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Visit Wentworth's Sunday Music Afternoon

Robert Taylor from Dartmouth, fiddler, composer, and author is among those to perform in Wentworth on Sunday.
Robert Taylor from Dartmouth, fiddler, composer, and author is among those to perform in Wentworth on Sunday.

Wentworth News with Hope Bridgewater

Visit Wentworth on Sunday, Oct. 29 for a music afternoon from 1:30 to 5 p.m. at the Wentworth Recreation Centre and dance to old-time down east fiddle music played in true country style.

These Sunday music afternoons are held the last Sunday of each month, except in December.

Volunteer musicians play music on stage and include those coming distances away from Dartmouth, Truro, Malagash and elsewhere.

Robert Taylor from Dartmouth usually attends, is a fiddler, author of two books, a composer and writes in a profound and poetic way in one book with these sentences; “Music is more than just a sound. Music can take you on journeys of the mind. It may be just a few notes, or your favourite Jig or Reel but the sound will often take you to a world all your own. It is a driving force. It has great healing power. It can, and will, change your life.”

His remarks are verified by psychological, psychiatric, and scientific studies. For instance, music and dancing can help heal mental health issues such as depression, can help physical health through joyful exercise, and create happiness and wellbeing. Hearing the down east music and viewing the dancers are evidence of the goodness which comes from such an event.

The musicians are all volunteers, spending their own funds travelling, giving their time freely, and creating a cheerful atmosphere. Those attending do their volunteer part by giving a donation at the door for the maintenance of the large hall at the recreation centre and are asked to bring a lunch to give at the kitchen towards a potluck meal at the 4 p.m. recess.

The usual volunteer kitchen staff, Lloyd and Kathy Wilcox, Bob and Marilyn MacLean and at times others, maintain a canteen throughout the afternoon and prepare the food for the lunch.

Favourite tunes may be heard such as Maple Sugar, Orange Blossom Special, Mason's Apron, Big John McNeil, St. Anne 's Reel, High Level Hornpipe, Gram Lee's Waltz, Rippling Water Jig, Snowflake Breakdown, Archie Menzie's Hornpipe, Economy Waltz, Island Ferry, Squirrel in the Tree, Shingle the Roof, Fisher's Hornpipe, Old Man and Old Woman, etc.

The musicians performing at the last Sunday Music Afternoon were Robert Taylor, Al McVicar, Dr. Gerald McKenzie, Cecil Benedict, Raymond MacDonald, Vivian Taylor, Marlene MacDonald, Betty Curry, and one anonymous name.

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