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The joys of being a foster family are shown in loving care of a child

['Malagash and Area News with Marian Durling']
['Malagash and Area News with Marian Durling']

Malagash News with Marian Durling

At the time of this writing we are almost half way through the month of January! Where does the time go? The weather is very cold but that is to be expected at this time of year. Thankfully there hasn't been too much snow and the roads have been pretty good.

All groups have started again after the Christmas holidays. Churches are gearing up for their annual meetings. Lots of birthdays being celebrated lately. Graham Fraser and I are celebrating a BIG one this week. 1939 was a good year!

Rev. Connie also celebrated a much younger one this past week also. We were serenaded in church on Sunday. Happy Birthday to all other Capricorns.

A very interesting item has appeared in our church bulletin. Five Grade 10 international students from China will be in our area for a week in February and the school is looking for places for them to stay.

What an experience for both the students and the host families! Events like this sure weren't available years ago when we were students and our children were students.

Russ and I did host a couple of Canada World Youth participants a number of years ago. Pierre was from Montreal and Nemal from Sri Lanka--and it was a great experience.

Just recently an article was on Facebook about a foster family. It was so well written about the love and heartbreak of being foster parents. Our great niece and her husband became foster parents to a beautiful little boy in infancy.

There is quite a lot of training and investigation before anyone can become foster parents. The little guy has been accepted with such love and attention from all of us. One of the restrictions is no public pictures or identifying him by name.

The family, which includes a 5 1/2 year old beautiful little girl, arrived here for a weekend in late August and upon coming into the house immediately informed me that "we are a foster family." " Little Bear," as he is lovingly known as in our family, spent his first vacation here.

Now the time will come when the parting tears will flow but he has blossomed into the most handsome wonderful child under the care and love of a wonderful family which includes a couple of sets of very loving grandparents, aunts and uncles and cousins.

We just all hope and pray that his future will be secure.

Is adoption for him a possibility? The courts and Social Services will decide that for him, but these last seven or eight months have given him a real good start and regardless what happens, he will always remain in our hearts.

to all the wonderful families who open their homes and their hearts to these children.

Jost Winery store is closed for the month of January. I think it will reopen in February but not to worry-if you want wine from the winery, call Theresa there and she can help you out!

Of course, most of their wines are available in NSLC stores across the province.

Sympathy is extended to Pearl Charman on the death of her nephew, Dale Ross. Dale was born in Malagash and passed away in Springhill. His Celebration of Life was at St. John's Church, Wallace, with Rev. Connie presiding. A reception followed in the J. Millard Charman Community Hall in Wallace.

Over the month of December and into the new year, our churches had a great display of stars, candles, etc. At the close of our recent Epiphany service we were each given a slip of paper with a verse or saying on it.

The one I received is as follows: "Thousands of candles can be lighted by a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared," - Buddha. I thought this was so appropriate as we start into another week.

Have a good week everyone, be safe, and most of all, be kind to one another.

Marian Durling writes for the Malagash area for the Amherst News.

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