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Talking about Tatamagouche Butter at Oxford pot luck supper

Oxford News with Eleanor Crowley
Oxford News with Eleanor Crowley - Darrell Cole

Oxford News with Eleanor Crowley

I went to crib on Tuesday evening and no great scores emerged. Darn, I was hoping something would rub off.

Wednesday was pot luck so I went. The place was nearly full. During the course of conversation we latched onto farming. We talked about the evolution of milking (patty pans were the most interesting part) and seems not everyone experienced the same things so made for an interesting conversation.

Then we got to the subject of the creamery in Oxford where all the local cream was delivered to. I assume it was processed here at one time but later moved to Tatamagouche.

Then the talk turned to Tatamagouche Butter. It was the most popular butter around. I have no idea why as butter is butter is butter, but maybe not.

The Oxford Journal printed the butter paper for Tatamagouche Creamery. And it was printed on Butter Paper. I quizzed Paul Marchant on this topic quite extensively one time, as I talked him into selling me some of this paper for art work. (It has a marvelous ‘tooth’). As far as he knew it was always called ‘butter paper.’

When that creamery closed there was such a hue and cry over the loss of the butter the purchaser agreed to continue making Tatamagouche butter (I am pretty sure the butter was all the same but they just made it the right shape) so the Oxford Journal continued to print the paper for it.

This fire business in Collingwood and Wyvern is getting people nervous. They are having a public meeting at the fire hall in Collingwood to help inform the public.

Busy around this past weekend with the Music Jam Friday evening and that was another awesome show.

Saturday evening would have been a monkey’s puzzle which way to go as there was a benefit in Wentworth for Michael Crowley, and the benefit for Floyd King in Springhill and I think there was a dance here as well.

I solved the problem of where to go quite happily as I stayed home. Sunday there was a big Bingo thing at Oxford legion. I think all these things were well attended as it was great weather to get out.

Everyone will be pleased as the gaping hole in the street on Water is closed over and filled in. A little water leak turns into a major renovation quite often and I think it all needs to be replaced as some of it is as old as Methuselah but it would have to be done an area at a time and it might affect the tax bills and “we don’t want that” so what is to be done? I am thinking there will be more holes we go around.

Until next time.

Eleanor Crowley writes a column for the Oxford area for The Citizen-Record

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