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Supporting Cookies for Coulson in Tatamagouche

['Malagash and Area News with Marian Durling']
['Malagash and Area News with Marian Durling']

Malagash News with Marian Durling

Greetings everyone. Big excitement this week as another royal baby has been born! It’s a good-sized baby too: eight pounds, seven ounces.

Now the next thing for us "Royal Watchers" will be the big wedding on May 19. A bunch of us will be attending a Royal Wedding Party in our best bib and tucker!  Only thing it will be at 7 a.m. in the morning - oh well, looking forward to sharing it with a lot of fine Malagash women!

Once again there was a lovely luncheon held at the community hall. Bit of a nasty day, which could have resulted in the lower number of attendees, however there was still a great opportunity to visit with good friends and good food. 

As usual, the run on the fish chowder was heavy and it always seems to run out quickly. However, my chicken vegetable soup was terrific - thanks Helen!

On Saturday, Russ and I attended an event in Tatamagouche where "Cookies for Coulson" were served. Naturally my interest was perked and as soon as I got home I was on Google. Coulson Mattatall is an 18-year-old guy with cerebral palsy who, because of surgery two years ago, cannot be lifted without using a mechanical device. He is confined basically to a wheelchair and his grandmother started a campaign to raise funds to purchase a wheelchair-friendly van.

The community of Tatamagouche has gotten behind this fundraising effort with an anonymous donor pledging (and giving) $10,0000 when the first $10,000 was raised. 

This goal was met and now the community is working hard to meet its next goal. A used van in excellent condition has been found and is being held until the funds are raised. 

Home renovations are also required. There are several upcoming events planned. Dexter's donated a prize basket which has been drawn for and the proceeds donated. 

I noticed that the Rebeccas of Tatamagouche have also donated to the cause. 

More information can be found through the internet.

I am looking forward to finding out how I can order some cookies for an upcoming event. Let's all do our part to help this young man.

A meeting of the Malagash Museum committee was held last week and plans are being made for the reopening of the museum for 2018. Malagash has quite the history! 

In 1918 the first salt mine in Canada was opened right here in Malagash. The existence of salt in the area had long been known and in 1917, A.R. Chalmers convinced George MacKay that a search for salt in Malagash was worth a try. 

Both men were engineers and formed a company. On Labour Day 1918, a shaft was sunk and the first salt was hoisted. This mine was in operation from 1918 to 1959.

In 1923 there was a fire in the mine and several men were trapped but thankfully all survived. When a new source was found in Pugwash in 1959 the mine in Malagash was closed.

During the 41 years in operation two million tons of salt was produced.

In 1993, Malagash Area Heritage Association was formed and the museum established and continues to this day.

The museum will be reopening mid-June and the curator is Tammy Rafuse. She will be assisted by summer students during July and August.  

It’s a beautiful drive to our little gem on the north shore and a visit to the museum is worthwhile - then lunch at the winery either before or after your visit. The only drawback are the pot holes in the roads however, if you believe the rumours - or the government, they will be repaired this summer. We will wait and see! Been told that before---!

The fireplace has opened in their new quarters - the Quarry House right next to the new Wallace Fire Station. Opening day last Thursday was a busy one and it will continue to be busy throughout the coming months. They are open on Thursday, Friday and Saturday morning.  Lots of fine dishes, books, clothing and even some antiques to be found.  Speaking of antiques, I came across the following quote: Sign in an antique shop: "Come in and buy what your grandmother threw away.” Yeah, I took some things to the shop on Thursday--all proceeds go to our volunteer fire department. Over the years of operation, the shop has donated thousands of dollars to the station. The store is run by volunteers and I am sure there is room for more if anyone would like to volunteer. 

Have a good week everyone and stay safe! There are lots of deer around. I saw 10 in Ola's field the other evening. Someone has reported seeing a bear around, but that is to be expected.

Come join in walking in the community hall--above the museum--and you don't have to worry about facing Mama Bear. 

Marian Durling is the Malagash and area columnist for the Citizen-Record.

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