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In July, the Sunrise 4-H Club had their achievement day and had a monthly meeting.

During achievement day all of our life skills projects went to the Nappan pavilion and about one-and-a-half hours later we were at the farm to show our live stock.

We had cows, horses, dogs, cavy, rabbits and sheep.

We had a great time and everyone that was there had fun also. After all of that was done at the farm we went to the pavilion to get our life skills and went home.

Then on Aug. 16 we had to go paint our backboards for exhibition we had around 20 or so people there and we were done in two hours. After all the painting was done we had our short monthly meeting. We went over ideas for the theme and by the end we all left to go home.

- Submitted by Sunrise 4-H Club Club Reporter Mallareigh Coffin



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