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Successful bluegrass concert at Capitol Theatre

Oxford News with Eleanor Crowley
Oxford News with Eleanor Crowley - Darrell Cole

Oxford News with Eleanor Crowley

Good morning, good news (I think) - people are reading the paper as I got several comments about owning up to the lies I told. And it seems Chrysler Plymouth made Fargo trucks.

The only bits of news in this area that I know would be All Souls Anglican down the street is celebrating 100 years. They are not throwing a big bash, but having a series of smaller events. The first of these would be on June 3 at 7 p.m. when they are having Memorial Lessons in Hymns with fellowship and lunch. Lunch should bring out participants.

Construction is all over in my neighbourhood for now. I suspect it has moved to another area of town.

The Bluegrass event at Capitol Theatre was amazing. Everyone had a great time. Louie & Rodger were worth special attention. Louie and his dad did some great harmonies. And there were five of them and for the life of me I can’t remember the other guys names.

They are thinking about a repeat performance later in the year after bluegrass season is over.

There are a few changes about town, the burned out house at the old Calvin Thompson farm is down. One of the many things on Peter’s list. Taking on the lifestyle choice to farm is a big choice and you never know how big till you are in it.

Another change is the movement of parking areas. Handicap parking slots have moved to the one on the end at the drug store and a new parking slot was added in front of Amanda’s. Both are good choices. And everyone will be pleased to note that the ‘no left turns’ sign at the bottom of James Street has not caused a major incident yet.

I took a drive out the road recently and the lack of signs still upsets me no end. You never know where you are and that might be OK for the ones who live there, but not OK for new people to the area. And upon reflection it is not OK for those that live there either.

Their connectiveness to their community is of no regard as they have no community as it was taken from them and no one knows why. I know, I can hear you saying let it go, but I find it hard to let that go.

Pays to go for a drive as I discovered the Henri Smachinski house (on Plaster Rock Hill) has a new basement.

I did a bit of investigating again about the field and it seems nothing exciting is happening other than the owner got ‘the cleanies’ and he is cleaning up the acreage and doing a darn good job too.

The big news this coming Saturday is the car show at the arena. I think I need to slip over to that. Pop Quiz: What is the prettiest year they ever made a car? Answer 1957. Doesn’t matter the company the answer is still 1957.

All for now that I know. Remember that you need to call me if you want your news covered here. And there are some who are catching on and calling. That pleases me no end. Makes me feel I am not wasting my time here.

Eleanor Crowley writes a column for the Oxford area for The Citizen-Record. Her number is 902-447-3040.

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