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Signage needed for community names

Oxford News with Eleanor Crowley
Oxford News with Eleanor Crowley - Darrell Cole

Oxford News with Eleanor Crowley

Well it has been so cold nobody has done anything exciting as far as I know. Or else they never shared it with me for sure.

Had a good evening of Crib on Tuesday at Senior’s on Ellis Street. Cost a whole $3 to play. They host 45s on Saturday night but I don’t play that.

We decided to have the Jam on Friday evening regardless of the cold. After all the building has heat. We did not have a large crowd but we had a great evening anyway. Funny how music makes a difference.

Our sympathies to all those who said good-bye to a loved one this past week.

Years ago there would have been skating and coast parties everywhere but times have changed.

All the children from town who are attending schools of higher learning have all gone back now. They will be missed.

We went for a drive on Saturday out towards Wentworth and around by Streets Ridge to come home...and as usual I read signs. Just something I do. Lots of signs telling me which way to turn to get to a community, but no sign to tell me when I arrived.

I am sure others beside Joan Rushton and myself must be annoyed by this but we seem to be the only ones actively trying to fix it.

Joan has made all the calls and I am working in another direction. I may yet resort to phone calls.

It amazes me that the people who lived in these communities cared enough to name them and the signs did exist and the Department of Highways used to replace them but not now.

Our ancestors cared enough to name them and I don’t know when the caring stopped. I live on James Street here in town and this street was named for all the James’; James MacIntosh, James Grey and James P. Thompson (it was originally his road to the woods and it developed into a street of homes).

End of rant for now.

Another thing I notice when I travel around the streets here in town is the rink. It can create a lot of conversation but the place seems to always be busy. The parking lot is full of cars and Tim Horton’s, Subway, Parkview and both pizza shops certainly reap the benefits of lunch breaks from whatever sport is being played that day.

Anyone interested in sports has lots of opportunity to watch and cheer. I am also told the seats are heated now. Can you tell I don’t do sports but I think it is wonderful for those who do.


Eleanor Crowley is the Oxford area correspondent for the Citizen-Record.

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