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Remembrance Day at Wentworth cenotaph

Wentworth News with Hope Bridgewater

WENTWORTH – Remembrance Day in Wentworth was hosted by the Wentworth Firefighters Recreation Centre and the Wentworth Community Development Council.

Jocelyn Morris co-ordinated and helped plan the event at the cenotaph, which carries the sign Lest We Forget and which is visible on a sloping hill from Highway 4 as people walk or drive by.

As shown by a large crowd at the cenotaph and an excellent program, people did not forget and twice promised, “We will remember them.”

At 11th hour, 11th day, and 11th month, 2017, Morris stated the beginning of the ceremony and its meaning, said a prayer, and asked that all sing O Canada together.

Then, she requested the participation of three speakers: Charles Patriquin said the Act of Remembrance, Carmen Baker played the Last Post on trumpet which was followed by two minutes of silence. Baker also played Reveille, which signifies the resurrection of the fallen.

Jordan Sprague said Commitment to Remember.

Jocelyn Morris began the laying of the wreaths/crosses at the cenotaph

Presentations of wreaths at the cenotaph included: Government of Canada: placed by Constable Livingston; Province of Nova Scotia: placed by Bun Betts; Municipality of Cumberland: placed by Ernie Gilbert;

Royal Canadian Legion: placed by Bob Smith; Wentworth Volunteer Fire Department: placed by Kevin Sprague; Wentworth Community Development Council: placed by Jordan Sprague; Wentworth Recreation Association: placed by Bob MacLean;

Friends of the Old Valley School: placed by Carol Hyslop; Ski Wentworth: placed by Lesley Wilson; Wentworth Community Cap Site & Library: placed by Brenda MacLean; Wentworth Learning Centre Cooperative: placed by Linda Patriquin;

St. Cornelius Cemetery Association: placed by Tom Bagley; Wentworth Girl Guides: placed by Troop.

Crosses were presented and placed by family members at the cenotaph in memory of the following: Hershal Stewart; Walton Little; Bernard Gower; Bedford Palmer; Leo Feeley; Jerome Crowley, Philip Crowley and Tommy Giles; Uncle Milne Patriquin and son John Scott; Raymond Rushton; Doug, Gordon and |Lorne Henderson; Lonnie Letcher; Uncles Alvin, Jimmy and Fraser Hayman; Grandfather, Charles Tower and uncles Ernie and Arthur Clarke; Ralph Hunt; Andy Elliott; Edgar Archibald; Willard Lynds: Vernon Beebe.

After the laying of the wreaths and crosses at the cenotaph, Morris gave a blessing and asked those present to say together the Lord's Prayer and sing together God Save the Queen.

After that Morris invited all present to remove their poppies (symbols of the poem “In Flanders Field”) and place them at the cenotaph and take an extra moment to read the names inscribed there to honour those who died in service to our country and those who served and have since passed.

Also, everyone was invited to the recreation centre across the road for refreshments and a time of friendship.

The lunch proved to be excellent home-cooked food provided and served by residents of the community, a fine addition to add to this Remembrance Day ceremony.

This ceremony at the Wentworth cenotaph in 2017 signaled that many people do not forget the importance of Remembrance Day and that the cenotaph sign reading Lest We Forget is a reminder all year as we pass by this cenotaph next to Highway 4 that “ We will remember them.”

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