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Rainbow Bridge needs replaced or repaired immediately

["Councillor's Corner with Don Fletcher"]

Councillor's Corner with Don Fletcher

We began council on Jan. 24 at 5 p.m. in camera with five items covered. We began public council with three presentations, the first by Nature Conservancy of Canada on the importance of protecting lands and the isthmus between New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.

Next was a presentation on Fundy Connect, launched in December 2017. This user-friendly website will let you find things to do in Fundy, search, find and play. Check it out at It’s free.

Last was a presentation on Wentworth Valley tourism potential for a four-season destination. Well done, and great information with lots of potential.

A public hearing on a development agreement for 106 Main Street, Parrsboro was approved next. An update on tourism development of a planning process was next with an asset document presented as a first step. This will be ongoing.

The local improvement bylaw was adopted as well as our drug and alcohol in the workplace policy.

A notice of motion to council to consider adoption of an amended service recognition policy and our workplace policy at our Feb. 7 meeting was also approved. An amendment to the inter-municipal funding agreement was approved next, dealing with the Cumberland Business Connector.

A motion to purchase compost carts and replacement parts was approved next. Confirmation for the Pugwash Water Zone boundaries was approved next.

The Diligent River streetlight project is moving slowly, with staff working on it.

Funding for the Shinimicas rescue vehicle was approved next. A letter of support for the RCMP regarding DNA requests was approved next. A motion to ban single use plastic bags as well as extended producer responsibility was approved next.

A letter requesting the Rainbow Bridge be repaired or replaced immediately was approved by motion. Please sign the petitions as well as call your MLAs. The two-year deadline floating around is not acceptable in this day and age. This bridge was built for horse and wagon and is on a major route connecting Amherst to the rest of the municipality, and do not forget the flooding in springtime on surrounding roads.

Ongoing restructuring of personnel and job requirements was approved next. It is ongoing.

Information items included a tax collection report, municipal solid waste program, MPAL report, and the UNSM board report.

Question: What is happening to our politicians? Call your councillor.

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