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Poetry at Large event returning to Oxford in April

Oxford News with Eleanor Crowley
Oxford News with Eleanor Crowley - Darrell Cole

Oxford News with Eleanor Crowley

Well, it has certainly been awhile since we have chatted. I have trouble with the time lag from when I submit something and it appears in the paper. It makes me feel very unproductive but I will try again to overcome that.

Pretty sure most of us have recovered from Christmas and those of us who haven’t for various reasons I can’t fix. My sympathies.

We had another planning session for our Poetry at Large Event in April. Mark your calendars for April 27 and 28. We are concentrating more on Main Street this year. We are trying to maintain a certain amount of consistently with variety. Hopefully it works out.

And the names have been put out there for the vacant council seat. It is a three-way race with Arnold MacDonald, Alfred King and Wendy Sweet-Kontuk.

Now everyone be sure and get out and vote. And no complaining about who ran because you, apparently, were not willing to pay the money and throw your name in the hat.

There have been a lot of holes dug because of water breaks and I mean a lot. When spring eventually arrives I expect that will cost us and quite handsomely too. Something needs too be permanently fixed though. Some businesses need water to operate so costs them a lot already.

I don’t think I have much as it has been not be a newsworthy winter so far, and a good thing too.

Crib is still my game on Tuesday evening at OPH Club on Ellis Street and I think they play 45s on Saturday evening.

On Monday, Feb. 4, the Oxford Walking Club is hosting a Ban The Blahs walk. Anyone with festive lights that are still up turn them on and everyone is welcome to come out and join us. We are having a hot drink stop as well.

Remember, if you want to see your news blurb here I have to know about it. Call me at 447-3040.

Eleanor Crowley writes for the Oxford area for the Amherst News.

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