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Plan Cumberland should be complete by next year

["Councillor's Corner with Don Fletcher"]
["Councillor's Corner with Don Fletcher"]

Councillors Corner with Don Fletcher

First let me apologize for my last councillors corner from Oct. 4. It is lost in cyberspace and I could not retrieve it because of email issues.

We began council Oct. 18 at 5 p.m. in camera with six items covered.

A nomination committee meeting followed with two councillors selected for the YMCA and VON.

We began public council at 6:30 with service recognition for 10 years service. Congratulations Melissa.

Dave March followed with a presentation on the United Way, a great organization that helps throughout Cumberland Country. Please give!

One dangerous and unsightly premise was approved next. Plan Cumberland has been in progress since fall of 2016 and is scheduled to be completed winter 2017-18.
Public consultation will soon be scheduled. Please attend and have your say! A resolution was approved next asking the federal government to join the new UN treaty on Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons. Motion approved.

The Parrsboro financial statements and audit report was approved next. Due to the recent fire at our landfill two-stream recycling was discussed and will be brought forward at next council for further discussion and vote.
Councilors were encouraged to submit questions to a minister panel that will be at the upcoming UNSM fall conference. Info items in our package include a dangerous and unsightly report, canine control by-law officers report, the municipal physical activities leaders (MPAL) report and
property valuation services cooperation (PVSC) preliminary assessments found at A thank you from Communities In Bloom Pugwash was also received. Question: have you discussed two stream recycling? Call your councillor.


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