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Oxford’s Syrian family arriving in community on Wednesday

I hope you all appreciate this. I am down to one hand so that means I am also down to one finger.

First of I want to thank all the great neighbours, family and friends that I am blessed with.
News items for Oxford seem to be picking up and no one called me so you will have to be content with what I choose.
Biggest news (in my opinion) our Syrian Family will be here Wednesday. This has been a long process, certainly a lot longer than I originally thought it would be.
They consist of husband and wife with a two-year-old. Everyone be sure and make them feel welcome.
The Bragg group are buying houses again or so I am told, the two on Upper Main.
The dump business is ongoing. There is a small group of individuals in a tug of war with Willie. Just for the sheer fun of it as far as I can figure. Seems we are not all as adult as one would hope. I think they are fighting a loosing battle but enough said on that subject. I will keep you all posted.
I don’t know if everyone has realized it but Eric Mosher is saving his barn/garage. I am so pleased. I love old barns. It had reached the point where it had to come down and put in a new garage or save it.
People with out buildings understand this and sometimes we make the choice to save it and this time I think Eric made the right choice. Interesting to watch the progress. Mervil lifted it and Fagans are putting in the foundation.
We had a huge water leak on Main Street this week. I do not envy the town guys as every time they dig a hole there are surprises. Infastructure in communities is a very big deal with a large price tag. A lot of it is new but then a lot isn’t and I bet what they find in some of those holes was not what was on the plans and the 45-year-old stuff crumbles like wet cardboard when they need to fix it.
And some pipes are older than that. Brenton Colborne went through all this and now Wes is. I wish them well.
Paving is still going on around Little River Road corner and I think I saw Costin’s on Waverly Street.
The Habitat homes are seeing some fresh activity. Anyone want to help just let them know or contact the town an they will steer you in the right direction.
Sad to see A&M Fabrication closed. Let’s hope this is only temporary.
Anyone want to winter in Florida this winter? That might not be as pleasant as once it was. Those poor people did not sign up for that. We live in the best place in the world and you will never make me think differently.
Music jams are starting up again so mark your calender accordingly. They will follow in two-week increments. On the 22nd at 6 p.m. the Riverside Gallery is opening a new show...a local guy with some amazing Talent; Shawn Whalen.
And let us close with a question...Where was the excelsior plant?

Eleanor Crowley is the Oxford area correspondent for the Citizen-Record.

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