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Oxford is having a by election

Oxford News with Eleanor Crowley

The Walking Club gets out Monday at 6 p.m. from the Gazebo and this past Monday we walked to the Lions Park and did the Lions Loop. And then back to the Gazebo. Just a nice walk.

This Monday coming we are headed to Northumberland trails behind the school.

The little picnic gazebo at Black River Park is gone now. It had too much structural damage to be fixed. Maybe they will put their outdoor classroom there. And the pole on Water Street has not fallen over yet. That is a good thing as there are a lot of wires fastened to it.

I wonder what the ‘fix it’ date is?

And Scott’s windows are still plywood.

Eric’s barn is down on the new sills. Great job Mervil. Just a bit of cosmetic work left. Did I mention I love old buildings? I am so pleased when one gets saved. Kurt Fischer has a nice old building in his back yard. I wonder what stories it could tell?

The hospice society had a musical fundraiser at the Oxford Capitol Theatre on Saturday evening. It was a lovely show but I was a wee bit disappointed not more came out to support it. The sad thing there is if you ever need it you might be a wee bit disappointed in yourself for your lack of support when you had the chance. That is probably enough annoying my readership.

I have a bit of news but I can’t name drop yet as all papers have not been filed and minds could be changed (everyone is aware one of our Oxford councillors resigned?) but I think we are going to see a by election race. I have two running so far.

Well the Red Indian question elicited a bunch of conversation and a picture. Great. I accept nearly all pictures. For those who don’t know where it was I will try to explain.

There will be others who will be able to add more. When we were all much younger crossing the Black River Bridge was a totally different experience. There was a store immediately as you came of the bridge on your left and a sharp turn to the left onto Little River Road.

The Red Indian was a service station there. There were several houses there which are all gone now. I am almost sure there was a house or building where the Little River Road now is. Can anyone tell us anything about that structure?


Eleanor Crowley is the Oxford area correspondent for the Citizen-Record.



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