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Oxford hosts meet and greet for new Syrian family

Oxford News with Eleanor Crowley

Well, I have very little today. I have had company for several days, our baby girl with her two girls has been home from Newfoundland so I have been neglecting other things.

Apparently I blinked and missed it, Kurt Fischer replaced that interesting garage with a new building.

I meant to call them and find out if they found anything interesting but I haven’t yet. Maybe I will get that done for the next edition.

Oxford hosted a Meet & Greet for our new Syrian Family and we had a wonderful turn out. We have a young couple with a little girl. Wish them well if you see them about.

The Presbyterian Church is having a book and other goods sale on Nov. 25 in the morning.

Seniors are having their monthly pot luck on Wednesday the 15th at 5-ish. Put something in a pot and bring it along with some change for a social get together supper.

And I heard an interesting rumour – Hartford is moving to Little River. When I get permission I will name drop.

The sign is out. The new gym is called the Paper Weight and that well muscled arm on the sign rests on a copy of The Oxford Journal. How cool is that?

No South Oxford School answer so I will give that a rest for a while.


Eleanor Crowley is the Oxford area correspondent for the Citizen-Record.

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