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Oxford hosting poetry gathering in April

Oxford News with Eleanor Crowley
Oxford News with Eleanor Crowley - Darrell Cole

Oxford News with Eleanor Crowley

Well, as usual nobody called, but we will soldier on.

I am sure several people have seen the deer with the broken leg in the fields behind Tim Hortons. The Department of Natural Resources is aware of it and it seems to be getting along okay. Seems there is nothing really can be done other than putting it down.

There is no facility to look after it or keep it until it is recovered but it is healing on its own. It gets down and back up so they watch it.

There were people out skating on the ice Saturday everywhere - Salt Lake here in town and Big Lake in South Victoria and many others I am sure. It was great ice and like glass in places. Great way to enjoy the outdoors.

The Cumberland County Genealogical Society has a new publication, Five Score and More, and several Oxford and area residents are featured. It is about our centenarians so check that out.

I believe Dr. Bent made it between the covers. When I mentioned Dr. Bent my husband went sideways and started talking about Dr. Rafferty. He came here from the UK and had a small car ( he thinks a prefex, English car) and it came in a wooden crate.

Instead of trashing the crate he put hinges on one end and used it for the garage.

If anyone is interested I went to Halifax this past week and while there I saw Body Works at the Museum of Natural History. And they don’t look like real dead bodies and it was done in Germany so they are not someone we would have known.

If you are in the area go, you will be amazed. It is on until April 22.

Dal students are the volunteers looking after the questions of which I had several. Got most of them answered too.

Our Poetry thing is going to come together I do think.
Dave did a great article in last week’s paper so thank you Dave. I have gotten positive feedback from everyone I spoke to about it. I am confirming participants and looking for more. If you are interested let me know.

We are hoping some come just to observe or listen. You do not need to be a poet but maybe an aspiring one or just curious.

I think we are going to have that listening component or looks good so far. If you have a poem as a keepsake from an ancestor or a scribbler saved please let me know.

We want to incorporate that as well. If you have questions just call me. I think the whole area has my number but just in case, it is 902-447-3040.

The weather is still a big part of what goes on around here. Yesterday it was -15 when I rolled out and this morning +4. Wow

The Habitat for Humanity Project is back up and running. I think Feb. 10 is the next work day but check with someone who knows.

I think you just turn up and offer and they put you to work.

All for this time. Remember, call me if you want to see your news bit here. You have no excuse now as you have my number.

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