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Oct. 21, 1948: Springhill bus company defendant in lawsuit

['<p>Heritage Corner with Pat Crowe</p>']
['<p>Heritage Corner with Pat Crowe</p>']

Heritage Corner with Pat Crowe

Amherst, N.S., Oct. 16 – A Springhill Bus Drivers cigarette was alleged to be the indirect cause of a claim for $5,000 which came before the fall sitting of the Supreme Court last week.

The plaintiffs, Percy and Pearl Terris, of Springhill, claimed that the broken leg and other injuries which Mrs. Terris sustained on August 18 while travelling from Springhill to Heather Beach was due to the negligence of the driver, Harvey Finley, also of Springhill.

Mrs. Terris, who was represented by A.C. Milner, of Amherst, told the court that as the bus neared Port Philip, the driver leaned to pick up an object on the floor and bus left the road turning over on its side in a ditch.  The injuries which she had received resulted in six weeks in hospital treatment and her leg had been in plaster cast for nine months. 

Beverly Cormier, a passenger on the bus, stated she saw the defendant toss a cigarette butt out the window, that the butt blew back into the bus and that when he bent over to pick it up the bus left the road. 

Harvey Finley in his evidence explained that he had bent over to secure a wrench that had come loose, not a cigarette butt.  A sudden gust of wind had pushed the bus over on the shoulder and it thus got out of control. 

Percy Terris gave evidence on the results of his home through his wife’s injury.  He was claiming for the loss of his wife’s services and for the considerable medical expense incurred.

Mr. Justice Hall said that he felt sufficient evidence of negligence had been adducted to establish the defendant’s liability.  The argument of counsel was confined to amount of damages.  The defendant had paid into court the sum of $2,000 which did not satisfy the plaintiffs.  Mr. Justice Hall reserved his decision.

E.M. MacDonald, K.C. of New Glasgow was counsel for the defendant.

Nov. 18, 1948 – Milk Situation Growing Serious

Mr. Harvey Jones, proprietor of the Springhill Dairy, in his advertisement this week advises housewives to reduce their supply of milk whenever possible.  Mr. Jones pointed out that during the past month and a half he has been short approximately 150 quarts daily.

During that period The Dairy has endeavoured to keep a full supply in the homes where there are children.  Whether this practice can be continued will depend a great deal on the cooperation given the Dairy by the citizens generally.

The shortage is growing more serious because of the lack of milk cows.  Mr. Jones informed The Record that local milk men are unable to purchase cows at this time because most of the cows offered for sale are going to the United States.

The cooperation of the citizens is urged of the citizens in an effort to relieve this situation.

Improving Local Armouries

Improvements to the local armoury are going on steadily and present plans call upon an expenditure on the local building next year amounting to some $20,000.  Among the improvements will be the installation of steam heating.  Improvements this year include the construction of a large room on the second floor which is used as the Sergeants Mess.  Battleship linoleum has been laid on the floor and a dressing room and lavatory facilities are being provided. 

The growth of the local company of the N.N.S.H.  is said to exceed any other company in the unit.  The Company is in charge of Captain Douglas Johnson.

Nov. 25, 1948 – Buildings Move to Completion

The weatherman has been more than kind this fall and the extremely mild weather has permitted building to continue much later than usual.  Even within the last couple of weeks new buildings have been started.

The new rink is now moving rapidly towards completion.  The concrete floor has been completed and the south end of the rink is closing in rapidly.  Meanwhile car after car of ashes are being spread over the purposed ice surface.  A concrete wall is being erected around the ice surface into which will be ……. posts.  This will provide a base that will last a lifetime and is being so constructed that artificial ice may be installed with the least possible trouble.  Barring unforeseen accidents there is little doubt that Springhill will have a fine new rink for this season, using artificial ice.  Incidentally the lighting over the ice surface has been installed consisting of 40 lights spaced twenty feet in both directions

The New Medical Centre is moving towards completion at the corner of Main and McFarlane Streets. The building is now entirely closed in but we haven’t examined it inside.

Meanwhile John Smith’s new building at the corner of Main and Elgin Streets is going up rapidly.  Mr. Smith has not yet made any announcement as to what type of business he proposes to operate.

The new concrete step in front of the Canadian Legion building has now been poured and the plumbers are busy installing the heating system and other plumbing.  It shouldn’t be long before the Vets are moving into their new home.

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