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Nov. 14, 1949: Springhill resident lost in woods

['<p>Heritage Corner with Pat Crowe</p>']
['<p>Heritage Corner with Pat Crowe</p>']

Heritage Corner with Pat Crowe

Robert John Davis, 34 of Mountain Rd., Springhill had the harrowing experience of spending Saturday night in the woods when he became lost during a hunting trip. Entering the woods at Canaan Saturday afternoon with a party of Springhill friends, he separated from the other men to go to a lake shooting ducks. When he had left the lake and realized he had lost his direction in the woods he could hear his friends calling to him but could not locate their position. When night settled down and the other men found it impossible to locate Davis, they came to Parrsboro and reported to the R.C.M.P. On Sunday about noon, just before a search party was to leave Parrsboro to comb the woods, Davis came out on the highway at Moose River and was picked up by a motorist from Truro and brought to Parrsboro. He had walked many miles through the woods and his clothes were badly tattered. Fortunately, the weather was not cold or rainy.

Diverting Trucks from Main Street

The Police Department is active these days diverting trucks from Main St. along a route that will take them along Lisgar and up Queen to the Junction Road or up Wolsley depending upon their direction. The move is an excellent one and has reduced the danger hazards on Main St. which heavily loaded trucks formally used in passing through the town. In one day 38 trucks were diverted. The next step in the campaign should be to see that the trucks parking on Main St. do not project beyond the white line. This has been going on for some time and creates a worse hazard to motorist and pedestrians than even the passing trucks.

Nov. 22, 1949 – Parrsboro Record – Amherst Man Fatally Shot in Hunting Accident

Springhill, N.S., Nov. 17th

Shot through the hip and abdomen while on a hunting trip Tuesday afternoon, Gerald Cole of Amherst died in All Saints Hospital following an emergency operation when three Springhill doctors attempted to save his life. It was the first fatal accident in this district this year. Frank Silicar Cook is said to have fired the fatal shot.

Accompanying Cole and Cook on the hunting trip were Harold Lines and Manford Ogden also of Amherst. The party had been hunting all morning and returned to their car parked at Wyndham where the Canada Electric power line crosses the road. Finishing the meal Cole moved into the woods and was about 300 feet from the road where he was hidden in a clump of bushes. Cook who was about 130 ft. behind Cole saw a movement in the bushes which he mistook for a deer and fired. At the moment Cole had been squatting for the bullet entered his left hip and his abdomen.

William Pettigrew, of Springhill, who was in the same area, arrived on the scene and the injured man was placed in his car and driven directly to All Saints Hospital. The bleeding was said to be mostly internal. Drs. Murray, Ryan and Adams preformed an emergency operation on the wounded man but he failed to rally.

A jury headed by Deputy Mayor Wm. T. Noiles, was empaneled by Coroner F.E. Walsh and viewed the body at the hospital. The inquest was held Friday evening at the Town Hall, Springhill, when a verdict of accidental death was returned.

Accident Near Springhill on Friday; One in Hospital

An unfortunate accident occurred near Springhill, N.S., early Friday afternoon, November 11th. Two cars from the Parrsboro area, whose passengers were all relatives of the late Mrs. C.F. McCabe of Glenville, Cumberland County, N.S. were proceeding to her funeral. The first snow of the season had been falling for some hours and the slippery roads made driving most hazardous. On reaching Springhill, the occupants of the first car momentarily lost sight of the second car which up until that time had been following closely. Thinking that the relatives were proceeding through town by a different route and that they would soon join each other they drove on. Arriving at Glenville the relative became apprehensive when the second car failed to appear. It was not until after the funeral service that they learned of the accident.

In the second car driven by Lester Spicer of Fox River (brother of the late Mrs. McCabe) was his sister-in-law, Mrs. John A. Spicer, of Spencer’s Island, together with his brother-in-law John Winter and Mrs. Winter of Fox River. On a sharp turn in the road, on the outskirts of Springhill, the car skidded crazily, before making two complete somersaults. The four occupants miraculously escaped with their lives. Mrs. John Spicer, the most seriously injured is in All Saints Hospital suffering from a broken arm, shock and minor injuries. The others escaped with shock and a bad shaking up.

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