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Nov. 13, 1947: New bakery opens on Elgin Street

Heritage Corner with Pat Crowe

Nov. 13, 1947 – Springhill Record

Springhill’s new pastry shop, opened last week by H.B.G. Hunter, under the name “Bigelow’s Bakery” is already operating to capacity. In fact, Mr. Hunter said he hasn’t had much sleep since he opened the doors. Prior to the war he worked with McLean’s in New Glasgow and was back with them again in 1945. Married to a Springhill girl he recently found his way back to Springhill. His father came from Linden.

There is room for a good pastry shop here in Springhill and Mr. Hunter has an opportunity to fill that need. His many friends wish him every success.

Four Nurses Graduate from All Saints’

All Saints’ Church was well filled Monday afternoon when Most Rev. G.F. Kingston, Archbishop of Nova Scotia and Primate of all Canada, presented graduation certificates to four nurses of All Saints’ Hospital, Miss Helen Roberta Lister, Miss Laura Ada Corkum, Miss Florence Ritchie McPherson and Miss Violet Blanche Veino. Sister Anna presented the candidates.

In his address prior to the presentation, His Grace gave an inspiring address based on the words “All Saints” in which he stressed the need of service, loyalty and love.

Hold Reception

Following the graduation service a reception was held in the Parish Hall where lunch was served. During the reception His Grace presented Miss Lister with a purse of money, a gift from the Cumberland County Branch of the Nova Scotia Registered Nurses Association, for having attained the highest aggregate in the class in her examinations.

Each member of the graduation class was also presented with a book “Notes on Nursing by Florence Nightingale” by the training school. A purse of money was also presented each nurse by the All Saints’ Alumni, who, prior to the Church service presented each girl with a corsage of roses.

During the reception Mrs. J.R. Ryan and Mrs. R.R. Withrow poured and the members of the alumni served.

Enjoy Dance

In the evening a dance was held in the Parish Hall where the music was supplied by Wes McLeod and his Orchestra. The Hospital Auxiliary catered for the dance, which was well attended.

All Saints’ Church Celebrates Birthday

All Saints’ Church celebrated its 55th Anniversary by special services on Nov. 2nd. Large crowds attended. The Junior birthday party was held on Friday evening, Nov. 7th and the Senior birthday party on Nov. 8th. The Primate of all Canada, the Most Reverend, G.F. Kingston, D.D. P.H.D., D.C.L., attended the party accompanied by his Chaplain, the Rev. L.W. Mosher. The various Ministers of the town also attended and welcomed the Primate.

On Sunday morning there was a service of recognition and praise. The following letter was read

The Most Reverend

G.F. Kingston, D.D., P.H.D., D.C.L.

Archbishop of Nova Scotia

Primate of all Canada


Your Grace:

The Rector, Wardens, Vestry and Congregation of All Saints’ Church, Springhill, offer to your Grace our sincere congratulations on your elevation to the important position of the Primate of the Canadian Church.

We pray that you will be spared man years of health and strength so that the Church will continue to benefit by your wisdom.

We assure you of our prayers and our love and loyalty.

Signed on behalf of All Saints’ Church -W.M. Knickle, Rector

A memorial service was also held. Mr. Conway Murray read the names of those who were killed in both wars. There was also a confirmation service. The following candidates were confirmed: Marjorie Elizabeth Austin, Beverly Joan Hunter, Olwyn Norma Hunter, Ruby Dorothy Snell, Fern Leona Snell, Joyce Marilyn McKay, Katherine Elizabeth Jones, Julia Ann Allen Teed, Noreen Thelma Dykens, Joyce Beverly Vance, Jean Arlene Brown, Marion Phyllis Fear, Ruth Fear, Jean Louise Nicholson, Patricia Claire Mills, Frances Ruth Mills, Rose Musetta Newcombe, Mrs. Bessie Eleanor Mason, Mrs. Grace Marie Newman, Mrs. Lois Lorraine Booth, Mrs. Charlotte Marguerite Somerton, Mrs. Mary Lillian Jones, Ralph Blanchard Fowler, James Maxwell Buck, William Alexander O’Farrell, Gerald Cameron Austin, Harold Gordon Nicholson, Kenneth Fear, Peter Joseph, Joseph S. Mason, Frank William Sears, William Edwin Jones.

The following were remembered with flowers: Vernon Rasmussen, Lloyd Logan Roblee, Mr. and Mrs. Brown Metcalfe, Daniel Haggarty.

Memorial services were held in the evening at All Saints’ and also at River Hebert at 3 o’clock in the afternoon.

The Rector stated that he had completed ten years of service at All Saints’ and gave an account of work done during that time. Baptisms 800; Funerals 184; Weddings 154; Confirmations 210; held over 2800 services and made over 30000 visits to the Hospital and Parish. Repairs to the building were made to the extent of $15,000.

He also stated that he was celebrating this year the 25th anniversary of his ordination as a Priest of the Anglican Church.


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