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No winner in Pugwash firemen’s 50/50 draw

Pugwash and Area News with Mary Patterson
Pugwash and Area News with Mary Patterson

Pugwash News with Mary Patterson

Sympathy to grandson Joseph Spence, Pugwash, and all family members on the passing of Doris Boucher, Oxford, on May 25, at High Crest Nursing Home, Springhill. Doris lived in Pugwash for a short time. I never knew her, but have spoken to her on the telephone as she used to give me a bit of news from time to time.

Our temperature sure keeps changing. Thank goodness, though, that we never got the snowfall that Gander experienced recently. One of these days that wind will warm up, I'm sure.

Birthday greetings go out this week to Wayne Dingle, Shermans Dale, PA., Jane Duynesveld, Wallace Bridge; Henry Smith, Truro; Gilbert Levy, New Glasgow; Fred

Speth, Bridgewater; Jill Mundle, Fountain Road; Dorothy Ryan, Mary Lou Trenholm, Josh Pollard, Stan Brown, and Kenny Smith, Pugwash.

Callers with Mary Doyle this week include Lynn McKeller, North Wallace; Peggy Wentzell, Pugwash; Paul Fahey, Port Howe, along with his small pooch.

Bruce Gullon chauffeured me to Amherst on Friday for a medical appointment, and also visited brother, Bill MacKay, who is still a patient at CRHCC. He is awaiting word from a Surgeon in Moncton regarding his spinal stenosis condition.

Visitors with Shirley White this week include her sister, Ella Lockhart, Westchester; Brian Searstone, Northport; Stan and Faye Moore, Conns Mills; and Shirley Patterson, Pugwash.

There was no winner of the firemen's 50/50 draw on Wednesday, and the winner of the Co-Op's Toonie Draw on Sunday was Marie Patriquin. Congratulations, Marie.

I am sure many of you wondered why I never mentioned The Royal Wedding. I am not a TV watcher, except for the suppertime news. Guess I have to be honest and say I never thought of it. As it turned out, I saw many parts of the wedding ceremony time and time again on the news. Everything was beautiful and I really enjoyed the message given by the Clergy from Chicago. Much happiness is wished for this Royal couple.

I understand there was a large gathering at the Celebration of Life for Devinder (Dave) Mehta, held at the Curling Rink on Saturday afternoon. Dave, Bala and Anil were/are well known and loved in our community, and Dave will be greatly missed.

I was invited by daughter Denise to go for a drive to daughter, Dana and Kevin's, Murray Siding, on Saturday afternoon. I did and found fourteen of my kinfolk there to help me celebrate an early birthday, which will be the big 80. Great food, a million laughs, lovely cards and gifts. As I always say, I am so blessed. Thanks gang!

I'd like to share a little story. While shopping at the Co-Op on Thursday evening, I was waiting behind a couple, who were putting their very large grocery order through. I thought to myself that they had to be cottagers. The lady said, "Excuse me, are you Mary Patterson?" I said I was. She introduced herself and her husband. They live in a small town in Ontario and have a cottage at Chestnut Beach in West Pugwash and had just arrived. They just happen to be faithful readers of the Amherst Citizen, and she recognized me from my picture in the Pugwash News. Welcome back for the summer, and very nice to meet you Ruth and Bob Anderson. Have a great summer!

Had all my usual callers this week, along with Kib Elliott, Wallace Bridge.

Please keep all our sick and shut-in friends and family in your thoughts and prayers.

Thought for the week: “Sometimes there's not a better way; sometimes there's only the hard way.” - Mary E. Pearson

Mary Patterson is the columnist for the Pugwash area.

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