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New fence constructed at Henley ballfield

Oxford News with Eleanor Crowley
Oxford News with Eleanor Crowley - Darrell Cole

Oxford News with Eleanor Crowley

I missed last week as I was on a mini vacation (retired people can take vacations whenever the bank allows them too) and spent a few days in the United States.

I had great travelling companions and we went to Bangor, Maine and Salem, Mass. Now there is a town who can market themselves. A shame so many had to die so horribly.

We also went to Fall River and Bethel. I noticed the small towns there are similar to here; a lot of empty stores so the death of retail is very wide spread. It’s so sad.

I see the holes/patches are being filled with Asphalt because the asphalt plant is now open.

I see the holes in the streets are getting asphalt so residents will be pleased. One thing I did pick up around town was a slight grumble about the tax bills coming early. It seems the coffers are pretty low so early tax bills were required to fix that. And it seems next year they are going to be done in two installments. That strikes me as a good idea. Sometimes that money is hard to come by so breaking it in two lumps might make it easier.

I heard on the grapevine that the Lions building is expanding and I see there is a series of markers so I am assuming that is the planned addition. It is on the street end and the full width of the building. Now we wait and see if I guessed right.

The new fence is in at the D.L. George Henley Ballfield. Looks good and serves the function of nobody getting hit upside the head with a baseball.

I so want to comment on the by-election race but I will keep my mouth shut. I am still in shock over Ontario.

Music Friday evening was lovely. I know that is a pretty bucolic statement, but it fits this time. The next one in two weeks will be the last till Sept. 14.

Taw Connors (son of Stomping Tom) will be there on the 26th of June. I could do nothing about the date; I tried, all I could do.

The big bash over the summer will be Doug Patriquin and his band. They will be there in August and that will be an amazing show. They will include a tribute to Merle Haggard in their show.

I went to church on Sunday (I can hear that) in Victoria? I try to get there sometimes. Lawry McLeod does the service and does a really good job and he consistently does a good job. They had a little music and a nice lunch and made a nice afternoon of it.

Christina Martin was at the theatre last night and Chelsea Atkinson opened for her. It was a smashing success, rave reviews. I will say it again...we have the most amazing talent in Cumberland County.

That’s all till next week.

Eleanor Crowley writes a column for the Oxford area for The Citizen-Record. Her number is 902-447-3040.

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