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Meetings to address physician shortage in Cumberland County

["Councillor's Corner with Don Fletcher"]

Councillor's Corner with Don Fletcher

On Thursday evening Nov. 30, I along with seven other councillors from the municipality and Amherst attended a presentation/roundtable discussion on primary health care in Cumberland County presented by the Nova Scotia Health Authority’s northern zone.

The discussion centered around primary health teams, new term for collaborative practices which began in Cumberland County.

From January to June 2018 public meetings will be held throughout Cumberland to inform citizens about the program and that is the reason for this column - to ensure as many as possible know about the upcoming meetings and are able to attend.

At present we are short four family doctors of the 25 positions, two in pugwash and two in Parrsboro. We have eight nurse practitioners throughout the county and three family practice teams.

Records to date indicate there are 761 citizens without a doctor/NP in the county. This information is from the 811 system.

A family practice team consists of a family physician, nurse practitioners, family practice
nurse, access to social workers, physical therapy, dietitian and so on.

The feeling around the table was this was good positive news and as I stated only time will tell! Keep your eyes open for the upcoming meetings! Call your councillor.

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