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May 19, 1949: Police Get New Patrol Car

['<p>Heritage Corner with Pat Crowe</p>']
['<p>Heritage Corner with Pat Crowe</p>']

Heritage Corner with Pat Crowe

The Police Department has been supplied with a new Ford car and members of the force are mighty proud of the new vehicle. A sharp lookout is now being kept for speeders and violators of traffic violations throughout the town.

May 26, 1949 – Lem Wong Makes Success of Life

Older citizens of Springhill were interested in an article that appeared in McLean’s Magazine under date of May 15th which told of the life of Lem Wong, a Chinese, who at one-time lived-in Springhill where he operated a laundry. Lem Wong has come a long way since that time and is now the owner of a restaurant in London, Ontario, and the father of a brilliant family of eight children. Three of the children are now doctors; one a chemist; one a lawyer; one a draftsman and one a business man. The eldest son is in a sanitorium.

Lem Wong retired a few years ago but found life monotonous and returned to the restaurant business.

Recalling his days in Springhill, friends remembered that he was fond of cycling and along with Sam Russell cycled over much of the local countryside. They were proud to learn of his success in life and the success of his family.

E.B. Paul Heads New Hospital Board

E.B. Paul of the Cumberland Railway and Coal Company was elected Chairman of All Saints Hospital Board at the re-organization meeting Friday afternoon. Other officers elected were: Vice-President – W.M. Knickle; Secretary – J.O. Fairbanks; Treasurer – Glen Jones.

The following members will comprise the Hospital Board and were chosen as follows:

By the Bishop – Mayor A.J. Mason, Ed Nicholson and Edwin Jones

By the Board – L. Swift, H. Carrigan and G. Jones

By the Doctors – H.L. Simpson

By the Town – Councillors Wm. Noiles and R.F. Gilroy

By Dosco – Supt. E.B. Paul

By the Government – J.O. Fairbanks

Other members of the Board are: Bishop G.F. Kingston, Primate of all Canada and Rev. W.M. Knickle, the residing Rector, Dr. M.J. Wardrope, who resigned from the board, was appointed an honorary member of the new board.

A management Committee was appointed by the board as follows:

Chairman – A.J. Mason

Vice-Chairman – Councillor Wm. Noiles

Secretary – Glen Jones

Other members are Lancelot Swift and Harman Carrigan.

The Board was appointed a Student Nurses Committee consisting of Ed Nicholson as Chairman; J.O. Fairbanks and R.F. Gilroy.

General Business

In the matter of general business the Board decided to install an electric elevator in place of the hand operated one, and will also purchase a tray carrier to speed up the serving of meals. Money for the elevator will be secured by the sale of the residence formally occupied by the Sisters, if the Town Council approves. With the Council’s approval it is also intended to continue with the redecorating of the hospital which is now making satisfactory progress. The Board also authorized the signing of a new contract with the Red Cross Society for a supply of whole blood and blood plasma.

First Meeting

It was the first meeting of the Board working under the new Act which was recently passed by the Legislature and members expressed themselves as well pleased with the new arrangements. Unable to attend the meeting due to a train wreck were Bishop G.F. Kingston and Mr. R.V. Harris, of Halifax.

June 2, 1949 – Making a Park

The Cumberland Railway and Coal Company is doing its share to beautify the town and the example being set by the Company at the corner of Main and McDougall, should stir our citizens to pay more attention to the grounds around their homes.

Supt. E.B. Paul has turned the waste land along the brook into a park which will become one of the beauty spots of the town. The ground has been leveled and seeded down on the east side of the brook while work continues on the west side where a fountain is being built.

The work is a credit to the town, and particularly Mr. Paul whose deep interest in the welfare of the community is well known. In this project he has set an example which should be far reaching, for the average citizen does neglect his own property, there is a growing number, however, who have been trying to set a good example, but they are still too far in the minority.

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