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March Break for local students

Port Greville News with Gail Wagstaff
Port Greville News with Gail Wagstaff

Port Greville News with Gail Wagstaff

We did get some snow on the weekend but it will not likely last very long as the ground is not frozen and it seems to be melting. Hopefully, it may stay around long enough for a ski, snowman construction, or snowmobile trip.

Students are on March Break this week. I hope they all enjoy their break and return with renewed energy towards the completion of another school year.

Happy Birthday wishes go out to my son Scott and his son Hunter, who celebrated their birthdays on March 13. May they both have many more years to celebrate their special day.

Maple syrup producers are busy boiling up their delicious sap and transforming it into: maple syrup, maple butter, maple candies etc. I hope they all are richly rewarded for their hard work.

I am looking forward to the NHL playoffs and also the start of the MLB season. I enjoy both hockey and baseball as well as many other sports.

The time has changed and the days are noticeably longer. Soon, there will be more community events/ activities as we move towards spring.

The Foxy Lady is out of news for now. Have a great week everyone.

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