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Malagash Community Hall very busy


Malagash and Area News with Marian Durling

Once again we have had a weekend storm. Luckily we managed to escape losing our power although the lights dimmed a bit at times but never went out. However the storm was enough to cancel school on Friday and lots of activities Friday evening and Saturday. 

The suspenseful Chase the Queen at the Tatamagouche Legion was cancelled on Saturday with only about 10 or so cards left in the deck. 

Will someone find it this coming Saturday? Maybe or maybe not! Remains to be seen.

The second card party of the new year was held last Tuesday at the Malagash Community Hall. There were six tables in play and the High Ladies prize went to Donna Langille, with Curtis Langille taking the men’s high. 

Lucky draw went to Ida Murray; 50/50 to Peggy Halverson and once again Donna Langille hit the jackpot with the travelling prize. They have a great time at these parties and the laughter and friendships attest to this!

Speaking of the community hall. We, here in Malagash, and I am sure other places, are so fortunate to have a facility like this for our use. The hall was originally called the Salt Mine Union Hall and after the close of the Malagash Salt mine, the building was given to our community in the 1960s.

One of the conditions of transfer was the need to form a community club to administer and care for the hall. This was done and the club was registered with Joint Stocks in 1966 by a dedicated group of local citizens. 

In early January 2011, the membership of this club had dwindled down to just three active members, who were seniors plus and needed help. Our hall has been used constantly for church suppers, funeral receptions, auctions, card parties, birthday and Anniversary Celebrations, Craft and Yard Sales, Polling booth for all types of Elections and on and on!  A letter was composed and sent to all residents in Malagash, explaining the difficulties the Club was facing and need of “new blood” to keep our Hall in operation. 

A general meeting was set for Jan. 22 and with bated breath the committee plus a few additions set up chairs—I must admit that those of us there to do this debated how many chairs we should set up. 

The meeting was called for 1:30 p.m. and by that time more chairs were being pulled out from the wall and despite the time of the year, 27 or so residents were there!  What a wonderful feeling it was for everyone! A new executive was organized with the usual first four officers and then five directors were appointed.  Our hall was saved! 

Later in the year another meeting was held and our membership swelled with many summer residents joining our ranks. Now, five years later, the club is still functioning and an annual general meeting is scheduled for March 27 and hopefully there will be a good attendance. 

Last summer, the club hosted a delightful afternoon social event on the grounds with a barbeque and local musicians and everyone had a great time. I overheard from an executive meeting held recently that another event like this is being planned for next summer. 

We have to stop and think seriously and ask ourselves ‘what would a small community do without a church and a community hall.’ So let’s support them!

It is the time of the year for many annual meetings. Malagash Church will be holding their meeting this coming week, St. Andrew`s in Fox Harbour held theirs on this past Sunday and St. John`s, Wallace, will be holding their meeting next Sunday. 

Rev. Connie will be on the hop attending all these meetings along with all her other Pastoral duties. Who says Ministers only work on Sunday? We tease our son-in-law about that all the time.

We listened to a terrific interview on line last week. It was regarding Minister`s Welfare. It was a really good program—Assistant Editor of Faith Today, Karen Stiller, of Port Perry, Ont., conducted the interview and the participants had some really good advice for both clergy and their congregations. We are always notified of these events as Karen’s maiden name is Durling! 

Our summer `next door neighbours spent the weekend here and most of them took advantage of the wonderful ski conditions in Wentworth. This the first year for five-year-old twin girls, Lola and Avery and their older brother, Finn, to  ski and they were very excited to be heading there Sunday. 

Grandpa, Mom and Dad were geared up to go also. It was great to see them here and have the girls make Snow Angels in our backyard. 

Our community and adjoining community of Wallace were saddened with the sudden passing of David Dewar over the weekend. David was the curator of the Wallace Museum for many years and he will be solely missed. 

At the time of this writing, Celebration of his Life arrangements have not been made. David was a wealth of information regarding Wallace and area and indeed all of Nova Scotia and the displays he arranged at the Museum were terrific and his volunteer staff will be lost without him. RIP David.

Have a good week everyone! Be safe—I know I always seem to mention deer but Sunday afternoon on our way to New Annan, two deer crossed the road right in front of our community hall.  See even the deer like that spot! They just sauntered across the road until we got quite handy—then the white flags went up and they booted it to the woods.  Sounds like the weather is going to be good this week so driving should be okay---but again, take it easy! Remember, stop for school buses when the red stop sign is out! 


Marian Durling is the Malagash and area columnist for the Citizen-Record.



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