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Little bit of snow, not a lot of wind

Pugwash and Area News with Mary Patterson
Pugwash and Area News with Mary Patterson

Pugwash News with Mary Patterson

School was closed one day last week due to our inclement weather. We had quite a snowfall, but feel blessed that we didn't get the wind that was forecast to go with it.

Nicole Reeves, and baby daughter Dakota, Calgary, are visiting her mother, Debbie, and grandparents, Carl and Gladys Reeves, until the end of the month.

Lots of birthday greetings this week; those being Eleanor Conrad, Roslin; Terry Ryan, Debert; Helen Wilson, Westphal; Grace Tuttle, Pugwash; Lori Trenholm McLeod, Winnipeg; Denise Burbine, E. Amherst; Janet Patterson, Hastings; Lisa Betts, Gulf Shore; Mya Mundle, Fountain Road; Ruth Tuttle, Fountain Road, as well as Wedding Anniversary wishes to Ruth and Ian on the same day.

Visitors with Mary Doyle this week include niece Lily and Dave DeYoung, Linacy; John and Shirley Fortier, Riverview; Paul Fahey, Port Howe; Denise Darragh and Bruce Gullon, Wallace; and Peggy Allen, Pugwash.

Valerie Brown was the winner of the Pugwash Firemen's 50/50 draw on Wednesday; Frank McQueen was the consolation winner at Chase the Ace draw held at the Royal Canadian Legion, Peace Branch Number 60, Pugwash on Saturday; and Helen Laffin, Roslin, was the winner of the Co-Op's Toonie Draw on Sunday. Congratulations to all.

On Friday, Shirley White accompanied Ronalda and Barry Smith to Truro where they enjoyed supper, and visited Shirley's brother-in-law, John Knight at Parkland Estates. They later attended the Celebration of Life for Susie Lockhart at Wesleyan Church.

Sorry to hear that both Jill and Mya Mundle were sick while they visited Ethiopia.

Trust you will feel much better once you are safely home to Fountain Road.

Congratulations to all on the birth of Kyler Samuel William MacKay, on Jan. 16, at CRHCC, parents David MacKay and Breanne Hopkins, grandmother, Cindy MacKay, and great grandparents, Bill and Diana MacKay.

Callers with me his week include Jason Trenholm and Keeghan McLeod, Oromocto, NB., Carolyn Spencer, Wentworth; Marilyn Williams, Heather's Beach; Ron Trenholm, Rockley; Roberta Angevine, Fountain Road; Janet Gullens and Peggy Allen, Pugwash. Kate Wilson had lunch with me on Tuesday; Dana and Kevin LeBlanc, Hubbards, visited for the day on Saturday. They had lunch with me, and we were joined by Denise and Bruce for supper. Dana and Kev returned home on Saturday evening.

Pleased to have a nice telephone chat on Sunday evening with an old friend of sixty some years, Shirley Sears, Truro. So easy to pick up the phone and continue talking from where we left off last time. Thanks for calling. A big Hello to Hud.

Please keep all our sick and shut-in friends and neighbours in your thoughts and prayers this week.

Thought for the week: “The time is always right to do what is right.” - Martin Luther King, Jr.

Mary Patterson is the columnist for the Pugwash area.

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