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Last Jam at Capitol Theatre until Sept. 13 was a big success

Oxford News with Eleanor Crowley
Oxford News with Eleanor Crowley - Darrell Cole

Oxford News with Eleanor Crowley

I have very little news to impart as everyone who is involved with education was concentrating on proms and graduation.

Our last Jam until Sept. 13 was a great success so see everyone in September after the exhibition. We had Dave Gunning and Paul McKenna this past Friday then Lisa Hallett and friends in July and Bill Elliott and the KillBillys in August. There is a fashion show on the 24th of August as well.

The other Saturday was the Community Garden event and I was totally blown away. Everyone wants to eat healthy, plant their own garden and get exercise and fresh air...or so they say. No body showed up. Totally floored me.

We went for a Sunday Drive recently down Parrsboro area as we usually do every year and guess what we discovered? Very few place signs there either so I guess it is all over Cumberland County, not just our little area we drive. Some department somewhere needs to be ashamed of not replacing these signs when the fall down or get knocked down. I have heard some pretty traumatic stories of people lost. Lots of roads around here are not public roads or on GPS. Not everyone has GPS or knows how to use it if they do. And not everyone has a cell phone. It feels like these people don’t have any value anymore. For shame.

New water lines all installed across the river so that part of the project done. I am pretty sure there will be a Phase 2 but we wait and see on that.

All the rain recently raised the rivers considerable and some overflowed but thank goodness it turned fine right away and things got a chance at drying out. We do not want crops rotting in the ground.

There is a lot of talk about recycling recently and lots of good business ideas around this theme and suggestions sent to county council and possibly further up (but I am not aware of that) and nobody ever seems to acknowledge even the receipt of the ideas or letters.

Would they not be able to hit ‘Reply’ and put a “K” in the reply area? At least that would make the sender aware they received it, good manners maybe but maybe we don’t use those anymore

Until next time and remember my phone number 447-3040 if you want your news in.

Eleanor Crowley covers the Oxford area for the Amherst News.

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