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Joggins Fossil Tree Takes a Long Journey

It is common practice for museums to loan materials to other museums, perhaps less common to loan a nearly 200 kilogram (over 400 pounds) fossilized tree! The Royal Ontario Museum (ROM), Toronto, is the largest museum in Canada and has recently unveiled its plans to build a new “Dawn of Life” gallery that examines life on Earth before the dinosaurs, over 200 million years ago. Curators and exhibit planners at the ROM are highlighting Canada’s four paleontological UNESCO World Heritage Sites that fall into this time range, and that includes Joggins! A significant loan of Joggins fossil material will go to the ROM for display, including a truly iconic Nova Scotian fossil, a lycopsid (large club moss) tree. With well over one million visitors annually at the ROM, this is a wonderful opportunity to highlight the region.

Last month, curators, conservators, and exhibit developers from the Nova Scotia Museum helped the tree’s journey from Joggins to Toronto by moving it from the Joggins Fossil Centre’s gallery to the Natural History Museum in Halifax where it will be photographed, molded (for future reproductions), and crated for shipping. Keep updated on this story through the Joggins Fossil Centre’s Twitter and Facebook feeds! #TrackingtheJourney

- Submitted by Joggins Fossil Institute staff.

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