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Jimmy the Janitor in Wentworth

Wentworth News with Hope Bridgewater

WENTWORTH – Jimmy the Janitor, a stand-up comedian, filled the Wentworth Learning Centre with a big crowd and he received an excellent reception with repeated laughter from ages ranging from teenage years to senior years.

He appeared on stage with a yellow cap with Jimmy printed on it, a janitor's blue suit with a janitor's tool belt, a red janitor's tool box on a table in front of him, and a Cape Breton accent. 

His comedy reflected everyday culture of Maritime life in a humorous way. For instance as examples, he read letters to him asking for advice about problems, letters to him from his mother, being stopped by the police, and grocery shopping. He did reading from two of his books: funny poetry and a story about a hissing snake. He showed musical talent by singing a song. He had a type of comedy people here in the Wentworth area related to and covered all ages. For instance, I noticed teenagers laughing hilariously along with others.

One of the Wentworth staff tending the bar, could not see or hear Jimmy, but noticed that about every two minutes that there was a roar of laughter from the crowd. Certainly, Jimmy was skillful in the timing of his jokes along with his commentary: so much time for talking and then time for the joke. I was impressed with his ease with the audience and how to relate to them; he was an expert professional at it, creating an amazing amount of laughter and enjoyment. He was showing human nature as it works in reality, not preaching, but accepting it as it is.

Jimmy gave a recess midway through his program. At the break there was food in the canteen: hot dogs, sandwiches, and chips. The bar was open with alcoholic drinks, pop, coffee, tea, and water. Volunteers working at the show ranged from teens to seniors and were from Wentworth, Wallace, Oxford, and Parrsboro.

Jimmy the Janitor has a second name as well: Sandy Gillis. The reason Jimmy the Janitor is so talented is that he takes lessons from Sandy whose remarkable biography helps to understand why Jimmy is such a great performer.

Sandy Gillis is a native Cape Bretoner, now living in Prince Edward Island. After 25 years in broadcasting, he retired as partner and an Operating Director of the Maritime Broadcasting System to pursue his 'funny business” as comedian “Jimmy the Janitor.”

The jovial janitor has 11 CDs to date, a successful nationally syndicated radio show, many comedy appearances on CBC Radio-TV and the Comedy Network, is a founding member of “Late Night Live,” and the Hub Cap Comedy Review. He has one movie under his belt, was a principal player in the TV series “Daring and Grace” and performs at conferences and theatres in Canada and the United States.

On his more serious side, Sandy is a former United Way Campaign Chairman, past Chairman of the Scottish Association, a former Director of the East Coast Music Association, past Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce, and past Chairman of the Friends of the Moncton Hospital Foundation. Sandy has also been the Chamber of Commerce Volunteer of the Year in 1998, 2001, and 2016.

Sandy as Jimmie the Janitor is a regular on CBC Television and the Comedy Network, and has appeared on CBC's Madly Off in All Directions, The Roundup and Definitely Not the Opera. Jimmy the Janitor is currently heard coast to coast on his daily radio comedy show, “Jimmy Live.”

Sandy and wife Kathy have five pretty much grown up children and three grandchildren

With such a biography, this shows how Sandy's training in broadcasting on radio and TV and his participation in many Associations has helped train Jimmy the Janitor to be such a great comedian and friendly person. The crowd at the end of the show appreciated that Jimmy the Janitor stayed at the entrance offering to shake hands, pose for photos with them or give autographs.

In brief to sum the event up: Jimmy the Janitor gave a great performance and helped make life a joyful experience for the crowd at the Wentworth Learning Centre on March 3, 2018.


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