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Jan. 30, 1947: Offer of local hospital to Springhill for $48,000

Heritage Corner with Pat Crowe
Heritage Corner with Pat Crowe

The Town of Springhill may purchase the All Saints Hospital for a total sum of approximately $48,000, included in which are recoverable accounts estimated at $12,286.12, paid up insurance valued at $1,145.41 and Endowment Fund receipts till November 31, 1948, amounting to some $16,500, thus reducing the actual cost of the building to a net figure of approximately $15,000.

This price includes practically everything that is in the building today – ready to operate and clear of bonded debt which the hospital now carries.

This price includes practically everything that is in the building today – ready to operate and clear of bonded debt which the hospital now carries.

Presents Report

This was the substance of the report given the Citizens Committee Friday evening last week by Mayor A.J. Mason, acting on behalf of the Right v. G.F. Kingston, Bishop of Nova Scotia and P.E.I., following a meeting of the Hospital Board held Wednesday afternoon, January 22nd, at All Saints Hospital.

Clarifies Report

Mayor Mason, in presenting the report, clarified several points such as the annual income from the Endowment Fund and the outstanding accounts.

Dealing with the Endowment Fund it was pointed out according to the Deed of Trust the income from this fund would go to the Church to be used for hospital work throughout the Diocese. The Bishop, however, agreed to grant the Town the income from the Endowment Fund up to the end of the Hospital year, November 31st, 1948.  This was estimated to be approximately $16,500.

Outstanding Accounts in connection with the hospital were said to amount to approximately $38,000.00, of which it is estimated at least $12,000 is collectible.

Estimated Value $119,650

In the report presented by Mayor Mason it is shown that the value of the hospital assets amounted to $119,650, made up as follows: Land, buildings, heating equipment

Together with the house on Drummond St. – $74,150

The Equipment –  $14,200

Inventory of Supplies – $15,000

Book Debts – $16,300           

TOTAL: $119,650

Committee Considering Offer

After hearing the report the Citizens Committee, with DR. G.A. Sproule, Chairman, presiding, decided to consider the matter for a couple of weeks before proceeding further.  In the interval, the committee will inspect the present hospital before presenting its report to the citizens. Following such a meeting the matter will have to be placed before the Town Council with the Citizen’s recommendation when definite action will be taken.

The Hospital Board has given the Town until the 31 day of May to consider the proposition.

Members of the Hospital Committee present at the meeting were Dr. G.A. Sproule, A. Osmond, A. Leadbetter, Rev. J.D. Davison, C.J. Allbon.

Fire Caused by Tree Across Wires

When a big tree on the property of Mr. G.H. Haystead, Princess Street, opposite the hospital, fell against the power line during the storm about 3:45 a.m., Tuesday morning a fire was started which necessitated the calling out of the Fire Department who quickly extinguished the blaze. The firemen were on the scene quickly in response to the call as it came from the neighborhood of the hospital.

Condition Improved

The condition of Perry Moore is said to be somewhat improved this morning following an accident in the mine on Sunday night when a pack he was drawing kicked out and struck him full in the face.  As the pack gave way a fall of stone partially buried Mr. Moore.  He was rushed to the hospital.

Injures Eye

Constable Arthur Bonnyman received serious injury to his left eye Saturday night when he was struck by a flying puck during the hockey match.  The bone below the eye was found to be cracked when x-rayed and today Mr. Bonnyman is going to Dr. Goodwin at Amherst for treatment. His host of friends will regret to learn of the injury and hope for his early and complete recovery.

This Weeks Five Facts About Springhill

1.     Springhill’s first High School was built on Junction Road and opened in 1889 with D.W. Byes as the first Principal

2.     Richard Bennett was the first Magistrate of the Town and one of the pioneer settlers.

3.     The first African-American to come to Springhill was George Moses.  He was followed by John Izzazrd and Israel Gabriel

4.     Springhill’s first Post Office was in Thomas Fear’s Store

5.     Miller’s Tavern was the first hotel built in Springhill.  It was located in Miller Corner.

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