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Jan. 23, 1947: Corporation offers local hospital to town

Heritage Corner with Pat Crowe
Heritage Corner with Pat Crowe

Jan. 23, 1947 – Springhill Record – Offers Local Hospital to Town of Springhill All Saints Hospital Corporation will dispose of its holdings to the Town of Springhill if the Corporation wishes to purchase it.

This was decided at a meeting of the Hospital Board held Wednesday afternoon and attended by Rt. Rev. G.F. Kingston, Bishop of the Diocese of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island, and Mr. R.V. Harris, Chancellor, of the Diocese.

This was decided at a meeting of the Hospital Board held Wednesday afternoon and attended by Rt. Rev. G.F. Kingston, Bishop of the Diocese of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island, and Mr. R.V. Harris, Chancellor, of the Diocese.

At the conclusion of the meeting the following statement was handed to The Record, but definite figures regarding the sale price will not have been released until the full offer has been presented to the local committee which meets Friday evening at the Record Office.

At the Annual Meeting of the All Saints Hospital Board this afternoon, with the Lord Bishop of Nova Scotia in attendance the general business was dealt with.  At the conclusion of the meeting the Board decided to further consider the previous resolution as summited to the Town Council in 1945.

We, as a Board of All Saints Hospital, Springhill, fully realize what a responsibility rest upon us at this time in making a decision with regard to the future of the Hospital.  We are not unmindful of the lofty and Christian purpose for which All Saints Hospital was established; neither have we forgotten the consecration of spirit and assiduous devotion of all those who have served in the place over a long period of years.

We are confident that the citizens of Springhill and the surrounding county are grateful to All Saints Hospital for the services which have been rendered for over half a century when there were few hospitals in the Maritime Provinces.  Moreover, the rates charged have been very low and every dollar of surplus has been used for urgent repairs and improvements.

We pointed out to the Municipality of Springhill in the autumn of 1945 that since the whole idea of hospitalization has changed  in recent years, and since in any well regulated community or constituency hospitalization is one of the necessary services to be provided for and paid for by the citizens, we feel that the time has now come for Springhill to think in terms of a General Hospital for the Community and the Constituency and to plan accordingly – and for All Saints Hospital to cease to function in that capacity.

We recognize that the association between All Saints Hospital and the Citizens of Springhill at many points have been hallowed, or suffering, ministered to by skillful and loving hands, make deep impressions upon the mind and heart.

Moreover, many citizens of the Town of Springhill in recent years, through the Auxiliary, have helped to provide equipment of various kinds which has been needed.  For these reasons and for others we are prepared to deal as generously and as helpfully as possible with the Town in negotiations concerning any sale of the present property, buildings, and equipment.

In such negotiations consideration should be given to the following matters:

Future consideration of the Sisters of St. John the Devine with particular reference to the present contract.

The Assets to be sold: -

(a)   The real property and buildings

(b)  Equipment

(c)   The inventory of supplies on hand

(d)  Book debts owing the Corporation

The consideration to be paid:

(a)   By the assumption of the bonded indebtedness

(b)  The balance agreed upon in cash

The relationship, if any, to the Endowment Fund

While the figures are not being released today an Official of the Board informed The Record that they are particularly generous, due to the fact that All Saints Hospital Corporation is now anxious to dissociate itself from hospital work.

Special concessions have also been granted in the offer of sale in connection with the Endowment Fund.  Part of the Fund will be granted to the Town for several years, when it will then be used for the purpose defined in the Deed of Trust.

A full report on the Hospital Board’s offer will be available for our readers next week.

This Weeks Five Facts About Springhill

1.     Edward Potter was the first Fire Chief, serving from 1890 to 1906

2.     Leamington was first called Maccan Mountain

3.     The first pit lamp used in the Springhill Mines was the Beckett Lamp.  It resembled a teapot with a wick in the spout and a hook at the back which was used to fasten it to the miner’s hat

4.     The first man to sell hotdogs in town was Archie Terris.  His place was on the east side of the present Town Hall.

5.     The first Masonic funeral in Springhill was held for Thomas Scott, Sr. in February 1878 



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