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It takes more than the Bible to make someone a Christian

Viewpiont with Rev. Byron Corkum

Watching the news on the news networks, reading social media and listening to conversations on the street, one might wonder what direction our world is about to take.

On the negative side, there is a narrowness of human spirit and compassion towards others. The we in life has been replaced by the me in life. It has become increasing difficult to understand why so many politicians of any party, in any nation, have refused to stand their ground and speak out on the side of justice and freedom.

It may be somewhat cynical to think that all they care about is re-election. Even here in Canada, where we try to reach out to all, there is an ever increasing sense of protectionism, as we seem to be afraid of people from other nations, faiths and cultures. We want to isolate ourselves and pretend that a more readily accessible world doesn’t exist out there. We instantly know what takes place any minute of the day anywhere in the world.

On the positive side, there are many genuine acts of kindness that touch the lives of people on a daily basis. The pass one forward movement is a reflection of an age-old way of doing something nice for someone else without regard for praise or recognition.

There are still some political leaders who are not afraid to voice concern for the well being of the people they serve and who consider their role in governing this great nation as an honour and who go out of their way to protect the uniqueness of the Canadian way of life.

The church has to be careful we do not return to the days of mistrust of each other with distinct separations into right and left, or fundamental and liberal. We are all in this together.

As Christians, we have a responsibility to our neighbours and to the world in general, as we strive to make life better for all- both physically and spiritually. The Scriptures have always been a source of inspiration and instruction for us, but with them comes the need to look beyond the written word to what the broader picture is.

It is wonderful to read your Bible on a daily basis, but if that is all you are doing, then something is lacking. I could read a medical instruction book every day and that would not make me a doctor. Reading the Bible alone does not make a person a Christian. In James it is written, “the body without spirit is dead, also faith without work is dead.” This should be the rally cry for us in the coming years as we strive to keep the faith alive and reach out to others in the spirit of love and concern that has been taught to us by our Lord. It is limitless as we embrace a better tomorrow for all.

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