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I expected more from our elected officials

["Walt's World with Walter Jones"]

Walt's World with Walter Jones

I was told by one of our elected officials that the town' s main concern was to provide essential services to our citizens and anything else had to be considered non-essential.

If this statement had come from our CAO, I would not have blinked. That is an appropriate philosophy for him.

This is not the attitude that I expected from my elected members when I put my ballot in the box. I expected them to be looking at other things - like increasing our population, by maybe expanding our town limits and getting more business to come to our industrial park.

I expected some ideas on increasing tourism, so that the many businesses in our town who depend on them will prosper.

I was expecting the town to get the message out that we were a superior place to set up new businesses or relocate existing businesses who wanted a lower bottom line.

I was expecting some effort to explain why our town and area is a great place to raise a family and enjoy a lower cost of housing.

After my UNESCO presentation that someone might contact our group and ask ,"How can I help?"

I was expecting more.

I have no complaints about the essential services. I even have praise for the free recreational events that are offered to our citizens, although I am still sore about the loss of our outdoor swimming pool at Dickey Park.

Robert Bird pushed the skate board park through, that's good as well.

None of this is putting more money in the town coffers. our outdoor swimming pool was used by our poor, seems only lip service is paid now to their needs.

I also like the youth town council - kudos to Robert Small.

I am an optimist, so I have hope - especially now since I read that Rebecca Taylor has been moved to a new position and will be our new business development person. I sincerely hope this move is just not smoke and mirrors.

A word of advice Rebecca, people can't buy if they don't know what you are selling.

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