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Happy 50th anniversary to Oxford Frozen Foods

['Williamsdale News with Margaret Reid']
['Williamsdale News with Margaret Reid']

Williamsdale News with Margaret Reid

Good morning to all our readers and I hope you are enjoying a very nice summer.

Wendell and I accompanied Wendy Reid to Oxford on July 21, where we were among the many thousands of folks who watched the fireworks. And they were specular.

There were celebrations to honour the 50th anniversary of the Oxford Frozen Foods plant in Oxford at the exhibition buildings all day and a gathering in the evening at the rink in Springhill. Special guests who were entertaining for the evening were Natalie MacMasters and family and both events were very well attended.

I was among several ladies who worked on quality control at Oxford Frozen Foods for a good number of years and we had received tickets to the concert, but were unable to attend. A number of the former employees belong to the Oxford Frozen Foods Pioneer Club and we meet twice a year.

Mary Esther Smith and her daughter Jeannie Knol of Oxford motored to Moncton on Thursday, where they enjoyed a visit with Gordon and Jeannie MacCallum of Moncton.

The many friends of Dorothy (Weatherbee) Nickerson of Moncton were deeply saddened to learn of her passing recently. Dorothy was the daughter of the late Richard and Rosie Weatherbee of Wiliamsdale.

Dorothy spent many of her adult years in Moncton where she was employed. Later in life she met her husband, the late Paul Nickerson. After Paul’s death, Dorothy returned to Moncton where she made her home. Dorothy made folks welcome and she always invited her friends to a meal at her table.

Dorothy will be sincerely missed by both her family and friends.

Margo Patriquin and daughter Lexie of Collingwood were visiting on Friday evening with Margo’s parents, Mervyn and Mary Ether Smith of Millvale.

Wayne and Karma Reid of Pugwash, were supper visitors one day last week with Wendy Reid, Wendell and Margaret Reid.

Sincere sympathy is extended to the Family and friends of the Late Laura Burkhardt. Laura was a cheerful, pleasant lady, who always had time for a chat with Family and friends. She will surely be missed.

Mervyn and Mary Esther Smith accompanied by special friends, Helen Meredith and her daughter Lisa, were among the large number of folks who attended the Natalie MacMaster and Family concert at the Dr. Carson and Marion Murray Centre in Springhill. There was a huge crowd who attended, and everyone said it was a wonderful concert.

Wendell and Margaret Reid were among the large crowd who attended the open air service in Wentworth Park on Sunday evening. Special music was by Encore and the music was wonderful. Pastor Jim brought a very inspiring message.

Well I guess that is all for now folks!

Quote: “If we could read the secret History of our enemies, we should find in each man’s life, sorrow and suffering enough to disarm all hostility.” Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Margaret Reid writes news for the Williamsdale area for the Amherst News.

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