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Government needs to be part of the health-care solution, not the problem

["Walt's World with Walter Jones"]
Walt's World with Walter Jones

Walt's World with Walter Jones

I just read the View from Nova Scotia Doctors, and now I have a question or two. Are you representatives on the NSHA brain dead or just asleep at the switch?

I have the same question for the MLAs and especially those in power.

Doctors are highly trained professionals, who want to provide good health care. It seems that they are doing so without your help. I read that there is an adversarial attitude in both the NSHA and government. Physicians are unable to engage with either.

I am shocked and appalled. Where did this Mount Olympus attitude come from? Some enlightened companies have union members on their board of directors. How about doctors and nurses on the NSHA?

I suspect that both levels of government are more concerned with the bottom line than they should be. Further complaints, not being able to use new technology to make their life easier, rules and regulations are too cumbersome, which adds to the doctors’ costs.

Not enough flexibility in the system and not fast enough implementation of licences for foreign doctors. How different is the training in the UK or the European Union for someone who wants to be a general practitioner?

Wages are important, but money is usually not the top concern. Job satisfaction is! I had no idea that members in our system were not working as a team. Doctors know what is wrong in our system, and especially in their area.

The government and NSHA need to engage with these professionals, and let them help. The government is giving lip service to being concerned, but nothing seems to be happening.

Our nurses in Amherst have to send a letter to voice their very real problems, and what do they get? The health minister will take it to the NSHA. How comforting is that?

A small town in Ontario was having trouble getting doctors. A committee of concerned citizens got involved. They arranged for housing, set up offices, took doctors around the community, showed them where to shop and so on. They showed these doctors they were willing to make them part of the community and would go out of their way to support them.

They now have more applications than they can handle.

There needs to be a plan. It needs to have everyone involved. Everyone needs to feel like they are engaged. Job satisfaction is important. These people are physicians and are in the caring profession, but they are also forced to be in business as well.

If they can't control this aspect, then job satisfaction goes down in flames as well. Our present system is not working. This is leading to job burnout, which only makes matters worse.

There is an old saying, “if you are not part of the solution, then you may be part of the problem.” I believe the government is part of the problem and they better get on the ball and become part of the solution.

Walter Jones is a resident of Amherst and writes a weekly column for the Amherst News.

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