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Gazebo decorated for Christmas holidays

Oxford News with Eleanor Crowley

Well to start we should congratulate our new town councillor Dave Clark. Funny about elections, it is a race that you enter and if you win you get more work. That doesn’t happen every day. Best of luck Dave.

My but this past week has been busy for me and I try to not be so busy. All you have to do is put one thing in place (written on the calendar in pen) and everything backs up against it. But got ‘er done.

Kathy Schlitt and Barb Pringle have both been away visiting grandchildren and I am sure they enjoyed those visits. I know I always do.

I was away this past week as well, went to Harvey Station, N.B. to Briggs & Little with a friend, Denise McCormick. We had a great day and each made a small purchase of yarn.

Wednesday morning the town crew started the gazebo decorating for Santa and the walking club finished them on Thursday. Corey Skinner was in charge of the parade. Just goes to show what we can achieve when we all pull together.

The Oxford Riverside Gallery had a new exhibit opening on Thursday evening. I try to attend all these openings as you never know what you will see For sure it is always interesting.

Patrick Rapati was the artist this time. Matthew Aldred is our man in charge and he does a marvellous job. It is such a unique spot to show with the old brick wall of the bank.

That building was constructed in 1908 and that is the outside wall that was next to Oxford House. No one ever imagined that wall would become this amazing art gallery wall.

Friday was the parade and of course I leave everything till late but I found my tree and the snowman and some of the other members of the walking club for costumes and we all gathered with the rest and did out part to make the parade a roaring success. This was followed by the music Jam at the Capitol Theatre and this had a great attendance as well.

There had been a dinner theatre at the legion as well that opened on Wednesday evening. I had a Saturday ticket. It was a great roast beef dinner and live entertainment as well. You can’t beat it.

I have no idea what is going on next week but I am sure someone will be busy. I see Amherst is having its Deck the Halls event and I think that is next weekend. I have been there and it is a great tour.

The Oxford Baptist Church is having a Christmas Concert on Dec. 14 and 15. I got my ticket at Oxford Home Hardware for $15 - just in case you are interested as well.

I haven’t noticed anything too exciting around town recently but I am sure it is there and I just missed it.

Remember if you want your news in these notes you need to call and share it with me.


Eleanor Crowley is the Oxford area correspondent for the Citizen-Record.


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