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Fun Tones perform at Pugwash Wesleyan Church

['Williamsdale News with Margaret Reid']
['Williamsdale News with Margaret Reid']

Williamsdale News with Margaret Reid

Good morning everyone, and it seems like the days are going by faster than ever. We are really enjoying all the Christmas presentations that we have been able to attend.

On Sunday, Nov.26, we were able to attend the special service in the Wesleyan United Church in Pugwash. The Fun Tones were at their best, and they presented a goodly number of selections. It was also a delight to hear the 15 ladies, and one gentleman, on their ukuleles. They have been practicing with Wayne Reid for some time and they are very good.

Ralph Anderson and Burton Ripley also favoured us with a couple of numbers, self accompanied on their guitars. A delicious lunch was served “buffet style” at the close of the evening.

On Friday evening Bruce and Lorna Stewart were those from here who attended the Christmas program, presented by the Cumberland Singers of Wentworth. It was a very good evening of music, enjoyed by all. I’m sure there is a lot of work that goes into making these programmes possible. It is nice to see so many young people involved in the program.

On Monday, Nov. 27, Wendell and Margaret were with the Oxford Area Men’s Club when they sang at Victoria Manor in Amherst. It is a joy to be able to visit with these dear people, and they seem to like the music. Everyone enjoyed a snack after the music was over and we visited with the residents there.

Jeanne Knol and children Quinn, Makenna, Holly and Griffen of Oxford were supper guests last Sunday with with Mervyn and Mary Esther Smith and Blaine Smith.

On Saturday evening, a good number of folks, attended the evening of Christmas music, which was held in the Collingwood United Church. The special music was provided by the group known as Silver Rose. This group consists of Wanda Lloy, Carol Embree and Wendy Reid.

After the service everyone enjoyed having lunch together. It was a very good way to get the Christmas season started.

Mary Esther Smith accompanied Jeanne Knol and her son Griffen of Oxford for an appointment with a dentist in Moncton one day last week.

The choirs from each of the Oxford churches, and the Oxford and Area men’s Club gathered together in the Presbyterian Church on Sunday evening and they presented a wonderful evening of music.

This tradition was started in the Oxford area 36 years ago years ago, and it seems to be the start of the Christmas Season for many folks in the area.

Bruce and Lorna Stewart, and also Wendell and Margaret Reid and Wanda Lloy, were some of those from the community who attended.

Well folks, that is all our news for now!

Quote: “Why is it, that the people who have all the answers to teen age problems, are the ones who don’t have any children?”


Margaret Reid writes a column for the Williamsdale-Collingwood area. She can be reached at 902-686-3259.

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