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Firemen’s 50/50, Co-op Toonie Draw both have winners

['Pugwash and Area News with Mary Patterson']
['Pugwash and Area News with Mary Patterson']

Pugwash News with Mary Patterson

Much sympathy goes out this week. To Joanne (Arnold) Robinson, South Pugwash, and all family members on the passing of her mother, Margaret Ewing, Tatamagouche, on Oc.10; to wife, Beatrice and all family members of Elmer Mills, Wallace Bridge and Gables, who passed away on Oct. 14; to Dave Campbell (Leslie), Malagash, and all family members, on the passing of his father, Gordon Campbell, at CEHHC, Truro, on Oct. 15; to Ross Henderson (Marie), Pugwash and all family members on the passing of their mother Christena (Mallie) Henderson, at CRHCC, Nappan, on Oct. 20. Thinking of you all at these sad times.

Birthday wishes go out this week to my granddaughter, Leah Patterson, Hastings; Bruce and Scottie Gullon, Philip Elliott and Paul Smith, Wallace; Thelma Colbourne, W. Pugwash; and Peggy White, Pugwash River.

Sorry to report that Dorothy Dixon, Riverview, who was at East Cumberland Lodge for a 10-day Respite visit, fell on Saturday, then transported to CRHCC, Nappan, and has a fractured wrist. She is now recuperating in NCMH, Pugwash. All the best, Cuz!

Lawry MacLeod, Oxford was worship leader at both Calvary United, Port Howe, and Wesley-St. Matthew United, Pugwash, on Sunday morning.

Rev. Meggin King will be back in her office on Tuesday, Oct. 24. Next Sunday, all three churches will meet at Wesley’s for Worship.

It is Stone Soup Sunday, and following that, there will be a Pastoral Charge meeting. David Hewitt, Executive Secretary of the Maritime Conference, will give a special M & S presentation.

Crib was held at the Royal Canadian Legion, Peace Branch 60, Pugwash on Saturday, afternoon with 10 tables in play. The Firemen’s 50/50 draw held on Wednesday evening went to Paul Fahey, Port Howe; and the Co-Op Toonie Draw went to Linda Heimann, Gulf Shore. Congratulations to you both!

Ella Lockhart and Linda Webb visited with Shirley White one day recently. On Friday, Ronalda Smith and Shirley went to Truro where they met Travis White, as he had just arrived home from B.C. Then they enjoyed lunch at Murphy’s Restaurant. On Saturday, Shirley was among the many relatives and friends who attended the graveside service for the late Bill Christensen, Amherst, at Palmerson Cemetery, Pugwash.

Shirley Fortier called on Mary Doyle a couple times this week, and Peggy Allen is a regular visitor.

So pleased to report that Louise Ripley, Port Howe, is home after spending time in CRHCC, Nappan.

Hope you improve everyday. Having said that, sorry to say that Earle Mattinson, Birchwood, is not enjoying the best of health at this time. Prayers, please, for Earle, Louise, Dorothy, and Brud King.

Nice to have cousin Gary and Judy Smith, Devon, AB., to spend the evening last Monday. They are vacationing in Rockley. Dana and Kevin LeBlanc surprised me the same evening. Kev had a medical appointment on Tuesday so they drove up after work and spent the night. On Tuesday, Denise came up with a complete roast beef supper and all the trimmings, cooked and ready to re-heat. Then everyone went into action. Everything got done from mudding, sanding, priming, and eventually painting my one wall where my gang put the new window in. Denise thought it was a good day to make home made rolls. Hard to keep the dough warm, with a window open and a fan going to dry the wet wall! Lots of folk dropped in: Kate Wilson, Bruce Gullon, Ron Trenholm, and Cheryl Mattinson. My good neighbour, Janet Gullens, popped in as she thought I may be sick – seeing so many of my family here on a Tuesday. The gang was here for lunch and supper. Might add the rolls were delicious! A super, fun day. Dana and Kevin returned to Hubbards that evening. Had all my usual callers this week, including Chris Murray, Springhill.

My brother, Lawrence (Lon) MacKay, Robinsonville, NB., is spending a week with me, and other friends and relatives in the area. On Sunday afternoon, we dropped in and had a coffee with Denise, Wallace.

Thought for the Week: “Time sneaks up on you like a windshield on a bug.” – John Lithgow.


Mary Patterson is the Pugwash and area columnist for the Citizen-Record. If you have information for her, please call 902-243-2708.

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