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Feb. 12, 1948: Ball teams feted by Coal Company

['<p>Heritage Corner with Pat Crowe</p>']
['<p>Heritage Corner with Pat Crowe</p>']

Heritage Corner with Pat Crowe

About fifty employees and a number of guests, were entertained by the Cumberland Railway and Coal Company in the K. of P. Hall Saturday evening as prizes were awarded to the softball team which won the company title last year. Mr. Dave Morse, head of the Public Relations Department, presided with Supt. E.B. Paul in attendance. Among the guest were Mayor A.J. Mason and Wm. (Doc) Hayes, president of the local branch of the U.M.W.

Welcomes Team

Following a delightful chicken dinner served by Hyatts, Chairman Dave Morse welcomed the players and guest and explained why the sports program had been somewhat curtailed last year. He looked forward to more competition this summer. The Chairman then called on Mr. Donald McLeod, Manager of No. 4 Mine, to present the prizes to the No. 4 softball team which had won the honors.

Mr. McLeod spoke of the friendly competition which prevailed and the good job done by Percy Lowther, Captain of the team. On this occasion, said Donald, Percy was on his own and couldn’t carry his troubles (of which he had many) to Mr. Paul or Mr. Tattrie. Speaking of his own part in the team, Donald said he caught more colds than balls. The players were then called to the front and presented with prizes. To Vic Porter, he said, went the honor of the only home run. He pointed out that Ronnie Barrow, the boy who sparked the Busters last year, had managed to catch a place on the team, and he told the team not to believe “Nuddy” Anderson was an old timer.

Making Plans

Supt. E.B. Paul complimented Dave Morse on the job he was doing and said that as long as he was working in the interest of the men there would be no interference from his office.

Continuing, Mr. Paul said “I have no union behind me, but I do have a powerful organization. You men need the same on your side. For my part I like to deal with you. We read of planned economy and experience, but in Britain they still have bosses. There is a planned economy in Canada, he said, and here, where we have the Capitalist, we must plan for him.

 “We couldn’t rebuild our plants during the war” Continued Mr. Paul “for during those years we were a government ward and were paid for our losses, but not allowed to improve our plant. Today we are making proper plans for the future. We are trying to pick out the most important things to do first and we are working in your interest. If we produce with a profit, we can compete with the markets. We are trying to electrify our mines and look forward to a completion of this work during the next two years When we will commence improvements on the surface. We plan to beautify the approaches to the mine by grassing the section between McDougall and Main, in front of the lamp cabin and other spots. It will show people that we are alive.

Mr. Paul went on to point out that the company had already erected a Dressing Station for the miners. In England, he said, they are promising first-aid stations at new mines. We have two nurses at the station and as we feel your approval of the idea, we intend to have more nurses available along the line of V.O.N., giving service in the home.

Continuing, Mr. Paul told the gathering he looked forward to more recreational facilities, halls, etc. which the company considered necessary. More money would be provided for Mr. Morse to spend in the interest of the men and he felt Mr. Morse would do a good job.

Union President Pleased

William “Doc” Hayes representing the Union, expressed his pleasure with the gathering which he thought indicated splendid co-operation between the men and the management. He thought that more such get-to-gathers would improve relations.

Public Relations

Mayor Mason, expressing his appreciation of the invitation to attend the party, spoke briefly on the value of public relations and the need of confidence between the employer and the employee. He felt that the extension of recreational facilities by the Company would serve a valuable purpose in bringing both parties together.

Captains Speak

Percy Lowther, Captain of the No. 4 winning team, extended thanks to the company for the interest they had taken in promoting recreational facilities and expressed appreciation to his team mates and Mr. Dave Morse, Harold Ross, Captain of No. 1 team, and Douglas Lockhart, Captain of No. 2 team, also complimented the winners and thanked the Company for the party.

Musical Program

During the evening, the gathering joined in singing many old favorites and special numbers were heard from the quartet Messrs. Wesley McLeod, Wm. H. Matthews, Carl Merlin and Alfred Robinson. Allan McNeil was heard in two solos. Basil Matheson and Alfred Robinson presided at the piano.

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